Episode 66: Living to 156 Years – Exponential Wisdom Podcast

Exponential Wisdom Living to 156
Listen to this episode on the Exponential Wisdom Podcast with Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan.

Peter and Dan discuss Dan’s new book,
“My Plan for Living to 156,” and their shared belief that mindset is critical to longevity. You’ll hear about one of the book’s key themes — “everyone’s got a number” — and learn why a longevity goal is extremely important in enabling a long, healthy lifespan.

In this episode:
  • Dan gives his biggest takeaways from the book (pick up your copy here), starting with a special tool he calls “The Lifetime Extender” and an idea to eliminate retirement.
  • Peter discusses why purpose is fundamental to longevity, and why humans are purpose-driven animals.
  • Dan and Peter describe your mindset as a skill like a muscle; just as you’d go to the gym to build muscle, you must always train your mindset. Reinventing who you are in the present when new technology comes online is critical for a happy, long life.

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This was originally published in Exponential Wisdom by Peter Diamandis. This is a repost. See the original post here.


My Plan for Living to 156 book Dan Sullivan

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