Emotional Control and Anxiety: Ask The Experts


Emotional Control and Anxiety: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about Stamina Training & Sexual Performance.

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Q. I know you’re not a doctor and you mention on PEGym…

…how we need to consult doctors or medical professionals if we have problems dealing with anxiety, but what do we do if this doesn’t work? I can’t get the thoughts of feeling inferior out of my head, and talking with therapists haven’t helped much. Drugs just make any erections I do get a lot harder to maintain! Is there anything you can do to help?

Big Al: I’m truly sorry to hear you’re going through this! While I can’t advise on any medical course of action, one thing which needs to be known is that the work towards emotional mastery has to come from you. No amount of drugs, therapy, etc, will help if you don’t make a concerted effort to get your mind under control This means doing your best to get to the root of whatever is ailing you- since acute and chronic feelings of sexual inadequacy are often rooted in deeper issues.

Developing the mental and emotional strength to overcome the lower emotions is an arduous tasks which will take some time but professional assistance- as well as regular meditation, emotional visualizations, vigorous exercise, a sound diet and a network of people who care will be very helpful to getting you to this place. The latter is especially important, and if you’re in a relationship which fosters negative emotions then it would behoove you to take a closer look at it and see what can be done to either fix the relationship or move on- so as to spare your mental and emotional health.

There are many forum stories of men who’ve had serious issues with sexual self-confidence who’ve overcome it.

Q. With all of the strange events going on I find myself stressed out all of the time…

My concentration for training has suffered. What do I do about it?

Big Al: We are living in strange times! That being said, one can find opportunities for new things- especially if you’re self-isolating. It would be in your best interests to practice some sort of daily meditation to learn to still you mind. These are similar to the recommended Emotional Visualization movements, except the goal for stilling the mind is complete clarity. When your mind begins to stray during your sessions, focus on your breathing.

Attempt to practice this every day, and if you feel any acute attacks of anxiety, you can perform it them to counter the attack.


  1. Im 48 and have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and i am 4 weeks out of surgery for total prostatectomy. I have just bought bathmate 7 and wanted to know if it is safe for me to start pumping now. The medical community that I deal with do not answer questions like this rather only deal with conventional therapy. I have never pumped before and just looking to increase blood flow. I am having some ED after the surgery. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • The below shouldn’t be construed as medical advice.

      If you’ve been cleared for any potential sexual activities (even with assistance from injectables, etc.) then it should be safe for you to pump. Your medical community should be able to refer to post-surgical treatments and pumps are widely advised for the purposes of fostering better EQ.