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DP 4000 Pumping Instructions for Beginners

DP 4000 Instructions for Beginners.

By Dr. Richard R. Howard II

Copyright @ 2020 this may be used for educational purposes but cannot be shared without author’s consent. Please respect this copyright.

Practice with the DP 4000, Learn to navigate it and understand its dynamics. Please note the time frame in mind for each step of progress or estimates that are given so the individual can know approximately the time duration for each stage of beginning, intermediate, and advanced. This depends on many factors and is certainly not engraved in stone for timeframe for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This summer bedstand

Beginner. Six – twelve months duration. Once you familiarize yourself with the navigation of the software, proceed by entering on the left column minus inches of mercury (-inHg) vacuum numbers which are 3, 5, each performed at six seconds. The time is entered into the right column which will be six seconds each. This sequence will be used for approximately 10 minutes warm-up. If you find this sequence to be too intense then drop back to 2, and 4, particularly if the penis is curved. The remainder of the boxes on both columns can be checked off and not used for now. After warm-up, proceed to the triplet 3, 5, 6 which will automatically cycle for the time duration of the exercise. 20 minutes is the starting time for beginners. If you are uncomfortable with the above, use 3, 5 omitting 6 for the time being.

After approximately 2 to 3 months an additional set of numbers can be added, on the left column resulting in 3, 5, 6 and 3, 6, 7. Learn how to store the program to the computer, and also to the pump.

Checking off boxes. When the protocol is stored then retrieved, the full array of numbers check will present. For example, after warming up with the first group of numbers. 3, 5 for approximately 10 to 15 minutes you can cycle into the higher numbers. 3, 5, and 6 then moved to 3, 6, and 7. If it anytime the higher numbers feel uncomfortable back off to the first triplet. Time considerations, after two months add another 20 minute set for a total of 40 minutes. Upon completion of the first 20 minutes set, perform mild jelqs and stretching for five minutes, basically you are massaging the penis between the 20 minute workouts. Massaging your penis in this way is productive when pumping. It is useful to take breaks between the 20 minute sets such as this. Upon the conclusion of the two 20 minutes sets for a total of 40 minutes, initiate a fuller array of exercises such as jelqs and stretching, and base squeeze with edging. I have articles on the above that fully explain these exercises (available upon request) . The beginning phase lasts approximately six to twelve months. I am disinclined to be more aggressive than this, though there are variations that I would discuss upon a successful completion of the first 6 to 12 months. Please remember those of you who are not gifted with patience, that we are dealing with your manhood, safety first. In conclusion on the left column you will have the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. On the left column will be six seconds in each box that corresponds to the numbers

This pattern, and nuances thereof will occur throughout your progression to advanced. I will present intermediate and advanced articles with the individual has completed the above.

Best regards,

Dr. Richard R Howard II


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