Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work

do penis enlargement pills really work supplements

do penis enlargement pills really work supplementsIt’s the stuff of pop culture – open your e-mail inbox and find it overflowing with penis enlargement pills spam. Crazy claims like – “Get a larger dick in days!” or “Instantly gain 2 inches overnight!” – make you instantly throw those e-mails into the trash folder, but — Do penis enlargement pills really work?

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

Do these pills, sometimes even promoted by big name people – like Dallas Cowboys Superbowl coach Jimmy Johnson, work? They’ve been around for decades, even buying mainstream media commercial time. Surely, if they were all bogus snake oil, they would’ve been debunked by now, right? Well…

Yes and no.

Penis enlargement pills do work… kind of.

What are Penis Enlargement Pills?

Penis enlargement pills are herbal, natural supplements that typically claim some sort of ‘male enhancement’ properties to make your penis longer and/or thicker. They are usually comprised of herbs designed to dilate blood vessels and encourage blood flow.

False Claims by Penis Enlargement Pill Manufacturers

Because there are limited regulations concerning herbal supplements, little to no testing is required. There is also no government agency ensuring these pills do what they say they do.

To make matters worse, ‘test results’ by the manufacturer can often be skewed. These, along with hand-picked customer reviews, are then used in marketing, giving the impression that their supplements are more effective than they really are. In fact, companies, like ExtenZe, have been ordered to pay millions of dollars to settle false advertising charges.

So, will you get a larger dick by just taking penis enlargement pills — no. Not over night. Not in a week.

Just, no.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement Pills

Although penis enlargement pills aren’t going to get you a bigger penis alone, they can be a useful part of your penis exercise routine for penis enlargement. The herbs often in these pills do have vasodilation properties. This increased blood flow isn’t enough to create the microtears needed, to encourage actual new cellular growth (and result in a truly larger penis). But, it can:

  • Help in the cellular recovery after manual exercises or exercising with penis enlargement devices, by encouraging increased blood flow.
  • Give a temporary harder erection, due to the increased blood flow.
  • Give a temporary increased flaccid size, due to the increased blood flow.

So, pick a good penis enlargement routine (the JP90 Routine is perfect for beginners), think about using a device, like a penis pump or penis extender, and if you’re going to take penis enlargement pills, just know they are supplements – not a get-huge-quick cure.