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Deficiencies in Training & Glans Discomfort When Hanging: Ask the Experts

penis strawberry

penis strawberryIn this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, of, answers questions about deficiencies in training and glans discomfort when hanging.

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Q. Before, you mentioned… “Eventually, deficiencies in training are revealed….

It’s by correcting these deficiencies and addressing necessary aspects of training that may have been missing or underutilized that can make ‘hardgainers’ into gainers”. What kind of deficiencies should I watch for when hanging?

Big Al: A sample of deficiencies are:

  • Poor exercise form,
  • Not enough/too much intensity,
  • Not enough/too much rest,
  • A lack of balance with specific exercises (especially stamina work), and
  • A poor mindset.

For hanging, ensure the maximum amount of skin is retracted before setting the hanger.  Also, an adequate amount of padding needs to be used so that the hanger can be worn comfortably with a minimum of restriction on circulation and injury potential.  Then there are other factors to consider- such as time vs. weight.

Another aspect of hanging concerns angles.  One can train using different angles besides the downwards position to target the ancillary ligaments and parts of the penis itself.  Then there’s angling in reference to the sitting position- the further one leans back, the more intensely the stretch will be felt.  This will necessitate the use of lighter weights as the potential for injury increases in this position.

Q. Today while I was hanging, I felt a bit of discomfort being put on my glans….

During my second set, after attaching the weight and the adhesion/tension has started to settle I notice nothing but discomfort in my glans (not a stretch).  I then lean back to help with intensity, it causes more of a stretch on my ligs and takes the mental discomfort away from the glans. This has happened a few times and what to know if this is normal or am I doing something wrong?

Big Al:  Leaning back is a very effective and powerful way to make your hanging more intense, but if you’re going to lean back with the weight while hanging you’re going to need to reduce the poundage by quite a bit.  I would suggest using more padding with adhesion so your glans is better protected?


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  1. As long as the water hits the desired target then a shower is fine.

  2. Hello Al, I have a simple question about warming up. I normally warm up in the shower but i was wondering do I need to stand near the shower faucet and let the water run on my penis the whole time or can I just take a hot shower normally?

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