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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]penis pumpsIt’s likely you want penis pumping penis pumps articlewhat other men want – a bigger, harder, better performing penis. Maybe you’ve tried penis enlargement exercises and you’re looking to supplement your workout. Maybe you’re new to male enhancement and want to find out if penis pumps work for your goal. Rest assured that the right penis pump does deliver results.

Scroll down to learn more about penis pumping. How do penis pumps work? What types of pumps are there? How do I get the best results from penis pumping? Are penis pumps safe?

Written by Rob Michaels
Updated 01/30/2019


1. Effective

Penis pumping is used for for two primary male enhancement goals: Erectile Dysfunction or Penis Enlargement. According to Dr. Larry Lipshultz, professor of Urology at Baylor College of Medicine, penis pumps are designed to help men with erectile dysfunction; it is also used to help retain penis size and length after a prostate surgery.[1] Similar to the effect of penile exercises, a penis pump expands the tissue of the penis which creates microtears in the cells.[2] This facilitates cellular repair and growth. The end result is a larger penis. For erectile dysfunction, penis pumps are also effective, as they force blood into the penis. Men also a penis pump with a cock ring to help improve erection challenges.

2. Vacuum

According to, a penis pumps create a vacuum that increases blood flow to the penis, which makes the penis swell and become erect.[3] A hand pump, electric pump or removal of water from the cylinder, such as with the Bathmate Penis Pump, creates the vacuum.

3. Three Primary Types

There are three primary types of penis pumps: Electrical pumps, hand pumps, and water pumps. Having variety means there’s a suitable penis pump for you, depending on your needs and personal preferences.

4. Best of the Best

PEGym members consistently rate the Bathmate bathpump as their favorite. This pump is easy to use, and some models can be used both in or out of the shower or bath. The Bathmate has been used successfully by many men over a decade. Plus, with a 30-day guarantee, you can make sure the Bathmate is right for your lifestyle and needs.

5. More Girth

Penis pumping is a girth-targeted exercise, due to the expansion of the inner chambers of the penis. According senior sexual health lecturer Dr. Christopher Fox from the University of Sydney, there is evidence using penis pumps help increase penile girth and length.[4] However, he also mentions the size declines if pumping is stopped. Unlike stretching exercises or extenders, that primarily put tension on the penis lengthwise, penis pumps also expand the tissues of the penis around the full circumference of the shaft.

6. Cylinder Size

A major growth indicator for men who use penis pumps is moving up in cylinder size. When you fill the tube, it’s time to get a larger penis pump. This means your routine is working, and your increases are becoming permanent.

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  1. Guys can somebody tell me is good routine one day 20 min bathamte x30,and one day 20 min jelqing…and vicends rest days??

  2. Wow, I was just getting ready to order an x40 extreme. Now I’m having second thoughts. I had a cheapo($100 ish) in the past that was very uncomfortable around the seal at the base which I ended up taking off. It also had a cheap vacuum pump that broke. I was going to buy an automotive vacuum pump/gauge to replace the cheapo, but I ended up pitching the whole unit.

    • That’s one of the benefits of the Bathmate’s design, their comfort pad most men find very comfortable.

      We definitely do not recommend DIYing with an automotive pump. This is your penis we’re talking about here. Too much vacuum can be very dangerous, and obviously pumps like that aren’t designed with the intention of being used on the human body.

      Re: the 2 comments re: not seeing gains – it’s important to know there are a lot of factors that come into play why someone hasn’t seen results. Just like traditional exercise, these things can include:
      – Consistency – how consistent you use the penis pump
      – Intensity – the amount of vacuum
      – Length of pumping – how long you allow the penis to remain in the engorged state
      – Time – although most men see an increase in flaccid hang and an increase in erect size immediately after pumping, these are temporary results of the hyper-engorgement from the vacuum. Only by pumping consistently for months will you see permanent gains. Just like you can do a set of pushups and see some increased, temporary definition in your muscles. However, if you want to permanently get bigger muscles, you need to exercise consistently, over a long period of time.
      – Unique physiology – every person is unique and some men’s bodies are more resistant to change than others. Real, permanent penis enlargement happens when microtears are made in the cellular walls, which facilitates new cell growth. However, if your cells are more elastic than someone else’s, it will take more force and time to create these microtears.

      Be sure to check out our forums – the Penis Devices thread and the Success Stories thread, to read about the thousands of members who have gotten great results with penis pumps.

  3. Please be advised that herbal supplements may temporarily increase blood flow, but do not perminanentl increase penis size.

  4. not expensive really but not a value either, referring to the Size Matters cylinders.
    I have had 4 and three developed cracks at the valves and I don’t yet use the fourth.
    Had to reseal cracks with PVC cement. Whew ! I do it outside next time. 0000* 1 star.

    • geo3 – This is why we recommend Bathmate – – These are truly the highest quality pumps you can buy. is the official distributor, so don’t buy from other sites – because they could be cheap, knock-offs.

      • they say bathmates are not permanent and only will gain size in flaccid and effective.

        • If you go to our forum, you’ll find lots of members who have gained permanent results. The key to permanent results is consistency. Just like all penis exercises, permanent results occur when the exercise creates enough stress to result in microtears in the cells, which facilitates new cellular growth. This is never instantaneous, no matter what the exercise or device. (Just like you can’t go to the gym once and expect to have rock-hard abs with one workout.) But, with consistent and proper use – Bathmate results can be permanent. The best thing about Bathmates is that you do have instant temporary results too – thanks to the increased bloodflow to the penis, due to the vaccuum. Always be sure to buy your Bathmate from an official distributor, like – be very, very wary of knock offs, as they are of lower quality and can be dangerous.

          • I bought a Bathmate X30 in August of 2015 and have never achieved any gains at all. Still at 5 in erectile girth. Whenever I use the Bathmate there is no tissue expansion during the session therefore, never any “instant temporary” results either. I purchased the product from the correct site

            P.S. I even had the cap replaced by the company and also bought the sleeve cylinder.

          • ricdick –

            Thanks for commenting. That’s definitely strange that you’re not getting any tissue expansion – which leads me to believe you’re not getting proper vacuum. Definitely reach out to [email protected] and they can help you further. But, one common reason for not getting proper expansion is the failure to seal properly to the body. This, most often, happens when men have a lot of pubic hair. If this is the case for you, you might want to try trimming back the hair a bit, so the base of the cylinder can form a proper seal to your body, which will allow it to create vacuum, and then have the tissue expansion. The guys at may have some other suggestions too.

          • I used the Hercules for more than 7 months results…i have been in this PE game for like 20 years on and off…sorry to say this but those pumps don’t work….i know you are trying to sell a product, but this is not fair cause it’s expensive !

      • I have been using the Hercules for 6-7 months, sorry but nothing happened!

        • I used the Bathmate X30 on and off for 2-3 month period since August 2015 and never achieved any girth gains.

  5. Personally I don’t want to be in the water every time I want to pump. It’s so much more convenient just doing it standing up, walking around laying down sitting down with an air pump

    • Lennyd – Bathmate Xtreme series ( allows you to pump either in or out of the bath or shower – so you have the flexibility of having a hydropump or an air pump in one – whatever suits your mood/schedule. Hope that helps!

  6. I used a penis pump for the first time and now I have this scary swelling just below the head of my dick. Can anyone please tell me how to decrease this? Thanks! I have a photo, but I don’t know how to post it.

    • This is a condition called Paraphimosis, it means that the foreskin under the head is swelling up and will subside very soon, i know you posted this last year but there is your answer, try less time pumping and if needed use a lot of lub or moisturiser to force the foreskin over the glans (if uncut) otherwise need to wait it out, but ensure your get the blood flowing to the head soon!

  7. Please let me know Vacurect penis pump store addresses NY & Dallas TX. I will travel next week.

    Q. In 4 hours how many times can be used penis pump?

    Thank you.

    • We don’t recommend that brand of pump. The best penis pump out there is the Bathmate – . You can use it in the bath or shower, and the Xtreme models also allow you to pump dry as well. It’s typically not recommended to pump more than once in 4 hours. Multiple back-to-back pumping sessions can cause irritation and injury.

  8. just tried my fleshlight sleeve in my x30 bathmate works really well

  9. There are specially designed penis pumps for those suffering from ED. These systems are generally referred to as vacuum erection devices or VEDs. The VEDs are constructed so that you can slip a tight constriction band onto the base of the cylinder which can then be slipped off and onto the base of the penis close to the pubic bone once it has been “inflated” by the pump. The band will maintain the erection by preventing blood fram leaving the erect penis.

    However, most VEDs do not include a vacuum gauge and are not designed with a wide base edge so they do not work well as a good penis enhancement/therapeutic device. Conversely, most PE pump cylinders are not constructed to allow a constriction band to be slipped onto the base of the penis. Accordingly, the two systems are not readily interchangeable for both purposes.

    Reply ↓

  10. Water pumps are not as good as air pumps, but we have the two water pumps as the best. this is not very accuarate

    • I never made any girth gains from the BathmateX30

      • Me neither….i still don’t see anyone here making gains…unless you are selling the product.

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