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Addicted to the Jelq

addicted to the jelq bad addiction

The well-known jelq penile exercise has become such a staple of male enhancement routines that many men wind up “addicted to the jelq” — performing the exercise past its usefulness, or in situations where other exercises might be better.  Read on to find out when the jelq is appropriate, and when you might want to try something else.addicted to the jelq bad addiction

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro is the head penis trainer at Male Enhancement Coach and has been featured on CNN, MSNBC and dozens of other news outlets. Most penis enlargement training programs include the “jelq” milking exercise, and many men see it as a staple in their quests for growth.  The question is, just how effective is the jelq, and are there situations where you shouldn’t perform this exercise?


It’s been my experience that a great proportion of trainees feel that they must jelq in order to see penis growth — even if they’ve been training for weeks (or even months) with little to no progress.

While I believe the jelq to be a good exercise, once you hit the advanced levels, I personally believe that it can usually be done away with in favor of other penis exercises and methods.  That’s not to say that you should drop the jelq if it’s working for you, but if it’s not working, you’re wasting time better spent on things that will.


The jelq, when compared to most other penis enlargement exercises, is a moderate intensity movement whose greatest advantage is its versatility and immediate feedback.  Most men get a great full penis “pump” from the jelq that few exercises can rival.  Another advantage of the jelq is that it works both length and girth at the same time (though it’s usually done as a girth exercise).

Small adaptations in erection states and use of lube can turn it into more of a length exercise (low lube, low degree of erection) or an almost pure girth exercise (high lube, high degree of erection).


On the flip side of this, there are other exercises that target these goals much more directly.  The “squeeze” is an intense girth exercise that often yields much better results than the jelq, and can be done in a fraction of the time of most jelq routines.  Other “squeezing exercising” includes the Uli, the Erect Squeeze, and the Compressor. On the flip side, direct penis stretching exercises like the Tension Stretch put the full brunt of tension on the ligaments and even affect the tunica — all in a way that the sliding jelq exercise fails to do. Other stretching exercises are similarly useful in obtaining length.

Another important point when comparing the jelq to other exercises is time efficiency.  As your penis adapts to the jelq, there’s going to come a point to when you’re going to need to do more jelquing to achieve the same results.  The prospect of doing jelq sessions of an hour or more doesn’t appeal to most guys (although some guys have made great gains with just this method).


Jelqing can also work against men that are committed to using it beyond its usefulness.  Very often I’ll prescribe a penis enlarging routine devoid of the jelq to a client, and when I get updates I’ll find that the client’s been sneaking jelq reps back into his routine — on top of what’s been prescribed.  As you can imagine, this usually results in little to no gains, and even injury from overwork.

This phenomenon occurs so frequently that it was the inspiration for this article.  These men feel that by going off the jelq they’ll lose their gains.  They are not only addicted to the jelq, they are afraid to do without it.  I think it’s because the jelq is such a mainstay of most penile enlargement regimens that these guys feel as if they’re missing something if they don’t perform it.


To sum things up, if the jelq is working for you and you enjoy it, feel free to keep using it. But don’t be afraid to try new exercises in your quest for a bigger penis — especially if your routine has become too long from doing countless reps of the jelq. And if a trainer suggests that you stop your jelqs for a while, he may have a good reason for doing so.

About AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

This blog post was written by penis trainer, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.  Alfaro has been featured on MSNBC, CNN,, The “Jon Melichar Show,” The Boston Phoenix, PE Magazine, AltPenis Research, Weekly Wire, and Men’s Wellness News.  He is the author of several books, guides and newsletters, including “For Men Only.”  You can learn more about his consultation services at Male Enhancement Coach.


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