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Is Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Possible?

is non surgical penis enlargement possible

“Experts” like to claim that non-surgical penis enlargement is impossible, but what they forget to mention is that even surgery often depends on stretching devices before and/or afterward in order to achieve a bigger penis.  If penis exercises can mimic the same male enhancement result without the need for the knife, isn’t that an option worth trying?is non surgical penis enlargement possible

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro is the head penis trainer at Male Enhancement Coach and has been featured on CNN, MSNBC and dozens of other news outlets. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


Very few things irk me more than hearing some self-proclaimed “expert” say that the only way to enlarge the penis (if it can be done at all) is through surgery. If you didn’t already know it, penis lengthening surgery involves the severing of the ligaments attaching the penis to the pubis. One thing that these “experts” won’t tell you is that the degree of post-surgical success depends almost entirely upon hanging penis weights from the little guy after the surgery! No weights, no growth.

And another thing: some of these “experts” say that natural penis enlargement is not possible because there haven’t been any clinical trials to prove that it works. This is not only silly, but it’s false, too!


For one thing, just because something hasn’t yet been clinically proven doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  Besides, as far as clinical trials go, there was a clinical trial done on natural penis enlargement methods back in the 1960s. It was called the “Chartham Study.”

This study, performed by Dr. Robert Chartham of England, proved that penis enlargement through natural methods is indeed possible! According to Dr. Chartham, the most effective methods of enlargement involved intense penis stretching, and the least effective (at least for long-term growth) involved milking (AKA “jelqing“).

Dr. Brian Richards, an English medical doctor, conducted a later study on the “Chartham Method, ” and found an that men experienced an average penis size increase of over an inch in length and about an inch in girth. Dr. Richards found that the majority of men “demonstrated permanent and verifiable enlargement.”


Even the US National Library of Medicine is beginning to recognize non-surgical methods of penile enhancement as viable.  One article describes the success of the FastSize Medical Extender device in providing “controlled periodic stretching” to fix penis curves such as those caused by Peyronie’s Disease.  Not only were the curvatures improved, but “the recent trial noted that, over a 6-month period, patients reported increases in penile length of 1-2.0 cm, with an accompanying increase in girth.”

The article recommended future trials to “investigate the possible benefits of the device for penile enlargement.”  While the article was advocating the device’s possible applications to pre- and post-surgery penile enlargement, surely penis growth without the surgery step is an even better option!


Why go through a costly surgery in the hope of a bigger penis when you can enlarge your penis naturally, saving yourself thousands of dollars that would otherwise have lined the pockets of one of those nay-saying “experts”?  Instead of severing the ligaments of the penis — risking possible impotence, or at the very least, a droopy erection — why not just stretch these ligaments?


A perfect example of extreme ligament stretch can be seen in the women of the Padaung tribe of Myanmar. Known as “Giraffe Women,” women of this tribe have extremely elongated necks. Starting as young as 2 years of age, females wrap metal coils around their necks. Over time, more coils are added, and by a combination of pushing down the collarbones and stretching the entire structure of the neck, their necks can reach 10 inches or more in length! If a complex structure such as the neck can be elongated, surely the same applies to the penis — which, being of a very pliable nature, is even designed to expand to many times its usual size!


The big question is: what actually happens during the penis growth process? There are really no esoteric principles or mystic secrets as to how penis enlargement works.  It’s simply a matter of organs adapting to certain stressors.  Stress (and stretch) tissues, muscles, or ligaments the right way and you have growth. Stress them the wrong way and you won’t see any gains (or worse — you may suffer an injury).


“There is no doubt that the exercises recommended…do enlarge the penis when they are used consistently and as directed.”Dr. Raymond Roberts, M.D. (discussing exercises in Big Al’s “For Men Only” program) Dr. Roberts adds, “There is also no doubt that these gains are permanent.”

Countless thousands of men who have already enlarged their penises through natural methods, and luckily more and more experts are beginning to realize that penis enlargement methods not only work, but are a much preferred alternative to costly and dangerous surgery.

About Big Al

This article was written by penis trainer, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro. Alfaro has been featured on MSNBC, CNN,, The “Jon Melichar Show,” The Boston Phoenix, PE Magazine, AltPenis Research, Weekly Wire, and Men’s Wellness News. He is the author of several books, guides and newsletters, including “For Men Only.”  You can learn more about his coaching services at Male Enhancement Coach.


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  1. Women have had the pleasure of augmentation for years, why is phallic augmentation lagging. I speak not just for the majority of men who are dissatisfied with what they have but what of Female to Male Transsexuals, have you seen what a mess surgeons make in forming a phallus? It’s bone chilling. Answer me this. Has there ever been a successful penile transplantation? Say from someone who has no longer brain activity?

  2. I had once considered getting surgery done not knowing what the outcomes would be or what I would have to do afterwards. But the thought of getting something on my bestfriend cut was abhorrent to me. After stumbling upon jelqing and then PEGym, natural enhancement has never been so close to my reach.

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