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5 Penis Questions You May Be Too Embarrassed To Ask

Penis break

Sometimes there are questions that are simply too embarrassing to ask.  This is especially true when it comes to questions about your favorite body part — your penis. Sure, you may have friends you share some pretty personal stuff with, put sometimes even they can’t be of help. Following are five penis questions you may be too embarrassed to ask, but still were curious about anyway.

Penis break
It is possible to break your penis.

Question #1 – Is it Really Possible to Break Your Penis? And, How Do I Know if Mine is Broken?

Although the penis does not have a boney structure, it is still possible to break it. This usually happens in younger men, but most often occurs when the penis is thrust too hard into their partner’s pelvic bone or some other hard surface.  When this happens, the tunica albuginea  can become torn (broken) from the stress.

Check Out the section on Broken Penis in this article, to see a photo of what a broken penis looks like.

Trust me, you’ll know if you’ve broken your penis. Usually, there is a loud pop sound and you’ll lose your erection immediately. The penis will bruise, due to blood leaking into the surrounding tissue from the erectile tissue. A penis break is extremely painful, and you should seek medical care IMMEDIATELY, because of potential complications.

Question #2 – At What Age Does the Penis Stop Growing Naturally?

If you’ve perused the forums here on, you’ll know that there really is no age limit for penis growth. However, your penis will stop growing naturally when you finish puberty. Although this age varies from male to male, most men’s penises are pretty close to their full natural size by the time they’re 16.

burning penis
A burning in your penis when you urinate, could mean you have an infection or an STD.

Question #3 – There’s a Burning Sensation in My Penis When I Pee, is That Bad?

Well, it’s definitely not good if your penis burns when you urinate. This sensation could be caused by either a urinary tract infection or an STD. Additional symptoms you should watch for are: feeling like you need to pee, but little comes out; blood in your urine; a strong odor when you pee; and pain above your pubic bone. If you have one or more of these symptoms, please see your physician. Even a urinary tract infection can lead to future, serious health complications.

Question #4 – Are Circumcised Penises More Sensitive than Uncircumcised Penises?

No, circumcised penises are not more sensitive then their uncircumcised counterparts. Other than the removal of the foreskin, there is absolutely no difference between the two penises.

night time erections
The average male has between 3 and 6 night time erections.

Question #5 – How Many Erections a Day is Normal?

The average number of erections a man has each day is dependent on a variety of factors. These include: your age, stress level, general health, medications you’re taking, and how stimulated you are. It’s normal for the number to range from zero erections to dozens, in just one day. In the evening, while asleep, a healthy man typically experiences between three and six erections, with some lasting more than 30 minutes.



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  1. It depends on your age and any underlying medical conditions.

    If you masterbate too hard you may damage it – perhaps try asking some of the other gurus on the forum.

  2. sir i used to masterbate regularly every day since from 10 yrs and from last 4 yrs i watch porn regularly
    i used to get harder erection during masterbation but when i tried to sex with a girl i does able to erection properly also my erection is not in a condition to penetrate her pussy .
    i want to know that is i am suffering from erectile dysfunction.
    above that case i have stopped watching porn and quit masterbation to cure for my erectile dysfundtion .

    so pls help me on this regard.

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