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4 Reasons to Want a Larger Penis

large penis infidelity

large penis infidelityA lot of men come to PEGym with the thought that they MIGHT want to try penis enlargement. Most of them, after really reviewing our information and reading about the success stories in our Success Forum, realize that penis enlargement IS possible. However, they’re often still unsure if they want to take on the commitment it takes to really be successful.

Although I will argue that most mean don’t NEED penis enlargement, I definitely think there are some really valid reasons for why men WANT a larger penis. Here are. my four top reasons why you should want a larger penis..

  1. Some Sexual Positions are Easier – When talking about the pure mechanics of sex, there are some positions that are easier to get into with a larger penis. Penis enlargement can help you master all of those awesome positions in your Kama Sutra day calendar. 🙂
  2. More Confidence in the Bedroom – Let’s be honest, there’s a great deal of vulnerability when you’re naked in front of another person — especially if you want that person to look at you and be attracted to your physical form. Having a larger penis can make you feel more physically attractive, which will make you more confident in those romantic situations.
  3. More Confidence OUT of the Bedroom – When you feel good about your physical appearance – including your body shape and size (yup, the size of your penis counts here) – you are more confident in all of your interactions with other people, including those outside of the bedroom. This means more confidence at work, dealing with friends and family, and even just the stranger you interact with at the grocery store. This increased confidence in these areas of your life can really start to show positive rewards. Those who are more confident in the workplace tend to be higher paid and are more likely to receive promotions.
  4. A Happier You – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has Self-Actualization as the pinnacle of human achievement. What’s self-actualization? Basically, it’s being the best you that you can possibly be. When you feel like you’re at your best, and this includes penis size, you are a happier person. Like confidence, this happiness positively spills over into every single relationship – personal and professional – you have. Being happy in your own skin is one of the most powerful experiences a person can truly have, with the rewards being exponential.

I’d love to hear what your motivations are for pursuing penis enlargement. Please reply in the comments section why you want a larger penis!


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