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Questions You Should Avoid Asking Your Partner

Questions You Should Avoid Asking Your Partner


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If you are tired of guessing your partner’s mood from their facial expressions, welcome to the club! Sometimes partners, be those wives or girlfriends, give a hard time when you want to understand what has happened. They act one way on the first day and another way right the day after.

How can you improve this? By avoiding asking some questions.

Let’s list them here.

  1. What Is Wrong with You?

See, women are complex creatures, much complex than men. The brains of the two genders operate much differently than you can imagine. So assuming that the girl would understand your question as straightforwardly as you have asked it wouldn’t always work. Some may even speculate that something has happened, especially if they are going through their period. Instead, you can ask, “Has anything happened that I don’t know?” or “Would you like me to help you with something?”

  1. How Much Do You Weigh?

No, no, don’t say that. Every girl is worried about how she looks, no matter how confident she seems to be. In the same way as men, women also follow beauty standards, but they do it more vigorously, sometimes being forced to correspond to a specific body image. When you ask this question, a woman might interpret it as “I don’t like the way you look.” or “You should lose a couple of pounds.” There is no alternative to this question. Yes, some women would take it calmly, but many can think that you are objectifying them.

  1. Can You Lend Me Some Money (Please)?

One secret (not a secret at all) is that every woman wants to feel calm and safe next to her partner deep down. So many wouldn’t accept it, taking into account the feminism narrative of doing everything herself and proving that she can. However, no one can go against human nature as women need safety subconsciously for their offspring. This basic human need has never disappeared, so asking women for some money would create an impression of being unable to take care of her and potentially her children. You can always go to your friends and colleagues if you have financial issues.

  1. Do You Find Me Attractive?

Again, women want to see that you know yourself and where you are heading clearly so that they would feel comfortable and relaxed. Dropping these signs of being insecure here and there would question a woman’s belief in your confidence. This applies especially to your sexual performance. If you are not sure about it, consult a specialist to get the necessary care, for instance, targeted erectile dysfunction treatment, if you speculate you might have this condition.

  1. Why Are You Single?

There is an impassable gap between “Are you single?” and “Why are you single?” so never mix these two questions. The reason is pretty apparent. While the first one shows interest, the second one sounds like blame or expectation. Women may think that you expect them to be in a relationship and something is wrong with them if they aren’t right now. So, a go-to question would be asking about their relationship history and be open to learning new and exciting things about her.

These are the top five questions to avoid, but you get the principle to avoid asking similar questions. Women want true confidence when they can trust you and your feelings and know that you are there for them. And if you are, you can show it not through speaking but through doing something for her. You know, actions speak louder than words.


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