Power J Gym – Jelqing Tool by JelqGym


The Power J Gym is a state of the art jelqing device that will take your jelqing routine to the next level. This traction roller tool is the perfect addition to your male enhancement arsenal, whether you’re looking for penis enlargement or improving your erection quality. Now with FREE SHIPPING!

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More than 100,000 Men Globally Have Seen Results with the Power J Gym
Since 2006

Believe it or not, jelqing is the best method to get results and this device is the best tool I have tried to enlarge my penis.
~ Mark Smith, USA

I’m impressed with the great results that I got in just one month. Great device! (…) I love the new strong and fat look of my dick.
~ Flavio Ribeiro, Brazil

There is no other tool out there for penis enlargement exercises that works as well as this device does.
~ Greg Lewis, UK

Power J Gym Features

Traction Control Roller System

jelqing device power j gym traction roller control system One of the best features of the Power J Gym is its smooth and sturdy traction control roller system. You can vary the pressure of your jelq easily, giving you a more intense jelq or a gentle jelq depending on your needs.

This makes it perfect for both
beginner penis exercisers to advanced exercisers.

Durability with Flexibility

jelqing device power j gym rollers durabilityThe Power J Gym is super durable! The strong materials used for construction means you’ll have years and years of performance. You’ll be able to do as intense of jelqs as you want thanks to the quality workmanship.

Flexibility is part of the Power J Gym jelq tool design. The frame of this jelqing device is designed to flex, which ensures you don’t put too much pressure on your penis.

Exercises the Penile Shaft Tissues not the Skin

jelqing device power j gym jelq toolThe problem with jelqing by hand is you end up putting most of the force on your skin – not the tissues under the skin. It’s these internal tissues that you want to jelq. Only by jelqing the internal tissues do you actually get real penis enlargement results. This is where Power J Gym is superior – it transfers the force of your jelq internally, making each jelq more effective than you can have hoped.

Bonus Effect of Using the Power J Gym

In addition to 100,00+ men getting real, measurable penis enlargement results, using the Power J Gym gives you a bonus effect —

A harder erection!

Jelqing increases the blood flow. Healthy blood flow is key to having rock hard erections. Using the Power J Gym gives you the most intense jelq and the maximum blood to your penis.






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