Jes Extender


The Jes Extender for More than Just Penis Enlargement

For over 15 years, the Jes Extender has helped men increase their penis size, enhance their sexual performance and improve their self confidence.

Over 1 million men worldwide have benefited from the only proven method of penis enlargement there is — the Jes Extender. No pills, potions or surgery will ever give you the results you are looking for. Doctors recommend the Jes Extender be used every day for best results. Ensure you are able to use the device daily for 4 hours and within weeks you will begin to see how effective the Jes Extender is.

The Jes Extender is made from 100% medical grade, hypo-allergenic materials. It is lightweight and easy to use – helping you to get the best results safely.

The Jes-Extender:

  • Was clinically tested and found to increase penis size between 24 and 40%.
  • Is endorsed by Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D.RCP, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen M.D. Specialist in Plastic Surgery.
  • Carries the European CE mark, which is only awarded to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union.
  • Is easy to apply, painless in usage and cannot be seen beneath loose fitting trousers.
  • Can be used any time of the day, for various time intervals, during work or time off, depending on your personal schedule. The total amount of hours the Jes Extender is worn, combined with the amount of traction, determines the result of the treatment.
  • Has proven more successful for the permanent treatment of Peyronie’s disease, than some surgical treatments.

The Jes Penis Extender was Clinically Tested

The average result of the Jes Extender treatment was a penis enlargement of 1.1 inches in erections, after 4 months with a traction power of 1200g. The corresponding enlargement when flaccid was 0.75 inches.

  • Preliminary stud
  • All patients achieved enlargement using the JES Extender.
  • Weekly average enlargement was 0.07 inches.
  • There weren’t any complications.



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