What Is Penis Hanging? Get a Bigger Penis with Penis Hangers & Weights

bib hanger penis hangerspenis weights & penis hangers articleAlthough hanging weights from your penis may seem  like something you’d see in a sideshow act, the penis growth benefits of using weights and penis hangers outweigh any doubts and fears. When done safely and properly, the application of traction to your penis, through penis weights and hangers, is one of the best ways to not only increase your penis length, but also your girth.

Scroll down to learn more about the penis hangers and weights. How do weights and hangers work? Are they the same as penis extenders and stretchers? Which penis weights and hanger systems are the best? What is a good penis weights and hanger routine?

Written by Kimberly Wylie


The hanging of weights from the penis, to facilitate penis enlargement, has been done for thousands of years. Tribes from around the world, have tied rocks to their penises, to grow a larger penis through penis hangers. The principle behind this growth is the same principle bodybuilders use to grow more muscles.

penis hangers weights gainsThe tension placed on the penis by the weights results in micro-tears in the tissues of the penis. Repair of these tears results in new cellular growth and a larger penis. Unlike when you stretch a piece of material and it becomes thinner, the new cell growth means you’ll not only gain growth in your penis length, but also in girth.

Although all penis weights and penis hangers work on the same principle, there are differences between the models. Most notably is the different design of the hanger apparatuses and how they attach to the penis. The different designs offer different levels of comfort.


Penis weights and penis hangers enlarge your penis with the same principle as extenders and stretchers. Also, both are very effective in realizing penis enlargement results. However, the two types of devices are different in design and routine.

  • Penis hanging focuses on a high amount of weight (tension) for short periods of time.
  • extenders and stretchers use a low amount of tension for longer periods of time.



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  • Ultimate length Exercise – Because you have the ability to add an unlimited amount of weight to penis hangers, there is no limit to the length you can achieve, given time and consistency.
  • Controlled – You know exactly how much weight/force is being applied at any time, which allows you to incrementally increase your weight as you progress.
  • Hands Free – Once you have your hanger and/or weights attached, you can perform other tasks.
  • Bonus Girth – Most long term hangers gain .5” to 1” or more in erect penis base girth.
  • Angles and Fulcrums – There are nearly unlimited possibilities for angles and fulcrums to break through any plateau in your penis enlargement journey.
  • Minimal Time Investment – Just one 20 minute set per day can result in substantial gains (although more sets are recommended).
  • Relatively Safe – When done correctly and your physiological indicators are monitored, hanging is a safe form of penis exercise.


penis hanging PE weights

  • Injury Risk – When proper precautions are not taken, hanging weight from your penis can be dangerous.
  • For Advanced Exercisers –  Hanging should only be performed by those with 3 months+ of penis enlargement conditioning, due to the risk of injury.
  • Stationary –  It is unsafe to walk around while the weight is attached to a hanger. For this reason, you should plan a period of time when you can be in one spot for your entire hanging session.
  • Privacy – If you have little or no privacy, hanging can be difficult to manage, since you’ll need to stay put during your session.
  • Consistency Required – If you don’t hang daily you might just end up with a stronger, not longer penis. Like any exercise routine, consistency is key!
  • Slow Start Up – The first few weeks of hanging are just skin stretching and attachment point adjustment. You must be committed to hanging for the long-term to see results.


Although tribal members have used crude hanging systems, with rocks as weights, for the safest and most effective penis enlargement, you want to select your penis hanging system carefully. A system must have a safe and comfortable way to attach to the penis, to prevent injury. Additionally, the weights must be sized to allow you to increase the weight without adding too much too soon, again, preventing injury.

Following are the top-rated penis hangers and weights, by PEGym members:

    • Hangers
      • Bib Hanger – The Bib Hanger is a tested hanging system, designed to allow you to hang a variety of weights, to meet your penis enlargement needs.
    • Weights
      • PEWeights – PEWeights forego the hanger and include ring-weights you wear directly around the shaft of your penis.


Remember, as with all exercise routines, starting off slow and gradually building intensity is the best way to avoid injury.  Hanging, by design, is an intense penis enlargement method. Always listen to your body and err on the side of caution. Also, as with other exercises, hanging takes time and dedication to realize results. Following is a good starting routine for those new to penis hanging.

Warm-Up: 10-20 minutes of heat
Starting Weight: 2.5 to 5 lbs
To Start:
* 20-minute maximum hang session * 3 to 4 times per week
* Never add more than 1-2 lbs per week * Never add more than 1 session per week
Warm-Down: 10-20 minutes of heat


Penis hanging is a great way to get the penis enlargement results you want. If you have a limited amount of time, where an extender just isn’t feasible, the high weight/short sessions of penis hanging may be perfect for you! When added to a penis enlargement routine that includes other manual penis exercises and/or devices, you will be sure to maximize your growth.

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