ballooningballooning articleBallooning is a very effective (and often fun) exercise to do on its own, or at the end of your penis exercise workout. It can also be done during off days as a type of maintenance work.

Similar to the male enhancement exercise edging, ballooning helps improve the penis in the three primary male enhancement ways:

However, unlike edging, ballooning doesn’t involve stroking the penis.

Scroll down to learn more about ballooning. What is the difference between ballooning and edging? How do I do ballooning? Can ballooning be used to help prevent premature ejaculation? Can ballooning help cure erectile dysfunction? And more!

Written by Kimberly Wylie


  • Although ballooning is similar in some ways to edging, it is also completely different.
  • Ballooning centers on rubbing a “magic spot” on the penis, to bring yourself to erection.
  • Ballooning is an excellent addition to your penis enlargement routine.


Ballooning is a very simple male enhancement exercise that anyone can do. It can be either performed at the end of your penis exercise routine or as a stand-alone penis exercise. The process involves stimulating one spot on your penis (the “magic spot”) to bring yourself to erection and then performing Kegels to take your erection to the maximum. Not only will you enjoy penis enlargement benefits, but you’ll also enjoy harder erections and increased sexual stamina. Ballooning works on the same principle as edging, but has some very important differences. Let’s take a look at those now.


Similar to edgingballooning involves masturbating and stopping right before you ejaculate. Here are the primary differences:

  • ballooning no strokingUnlike edging, ballooning does not involve stroking the penis up and down.
  • Ballooning is considered more advanced than edging (some believe it is better than edging), and therefore can take some time to master.
  • Ballooning creates a harder erection that stays at its maximum hardness for a longer period of time.
  • Unlike edging, you can not ejaculate at the the end of your ballooning session.
  • Ballooning often gives a thicker and longer flaccid “hang” the next day.
  • Many PE’ers report an increase in their libido after ballooning.


ballooning step-by-stepAlthough ballooning may take some time to master, there are only four steps to this powerful penis exercise.

  1. Find and rub your “magic spot.” This is a sensitive area on your penis that gives you pleasure. You may have to experiment to find that spot. Remember, this is not stroking, like in edging.
  1. Continually rub this spot in a circular motion, over and over until you are extremely erect.
  1. While rubbing the magic spot, simultaneously do Kegels to push even more blood into the penis. (See our article: Kegel Exercises for Men for more information on how to do male Kegels). This will expand your penile tissue, and bring your penis to its maximum size, giving the tissues a greater workout.
  1. Balloon for at least 20 minutes, to just before the point of no return. Some men can balloon for hours. It often takes longer to get to the point of no return because there is little stroking involved.

Where Should I Rub When Ballooning?

smile ballooningThere are several areas to rub on your penis, when ballooning. These include:

The sides of the shaft,
The top of your penis, and
The top of your glans.

The point is to find a spot that is sexually stimulating for you. Every man is different. In fact, your magic spot may change depending on your mood. Take your time and learn your penis. You’ll need to be tuned in, to reach that point of no return, without going past it, while ballooning.

Where Should I NOT Rub When Ballooning?

frown ballooningWhen you first start ballooning there are two places you should avoid rubbing as your “magic spot.”  These are:

— The underside of the glans and
— The underside of the frenulum.

These areas of the penis are usually the most sensitive, and rubbing them may push you over the edge and cause you to ejaculate.

Again, everyone is different here, so experiment and go with what works for you.

Overtime, though, you’ll learn to control your ejaculations and rubbing these areas will often give you an even bigger erection and a better workout. It also often gives men strataspheric “dry orgasms.”


ballooning PESimilar to edging, ballooning helps with 
premature ejaculation by training your brain to learn how to become comfortable with feeling sexual pleasure without a release. Through repeated sessions, you will begin to recognize your body’s cues, as you near the point-of-no-return. This will allow you to back off or change what you’re doing, before it gets too far and you lose control.

For those suffering from very severe premature ejaculation, where you lose control with very little sexual contact, ballooning can help desensitize you to sexual stimulation, thereby improving your stamina. 

Lastly, ballooning can help you build self-confidence in sexual situations. Nearing the point of no return and knowing you have the ability to back away from it, while ballooning, can help you have faith in the fact that you can do this same thing with a partner. Sometimes, premature ejaculation has more to do with your mental state than your physical state.


ballooning EDIn some cases, ballooning can help cure erectile dysfunction by reinforcing a healthier and harder penis overtime. When you are maintaining an erection, you are exercising and expanding the tissues inside the penis (namely the penis muscle, tunica, and skeletal muscle at the base). Improved blood flow equals stronger erections.

For those suffering from erectile dysfunction due to performance anxiety issues, ballooning can also help. Being able to regularly get and maintain an erection while ballooning, can give you more confidence when you’re with a partner. It can help prevent the snowball effect that occurs when ED is caused by a psychological issue and a self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuates the condition.


ballooning penis enlargementBallooning mainly helps with penis enlargement indirectly, by helping supplement the gains you’ve made while also pushing your tissues to the max, when you are at your most erect size. Penis enlargement is facilitated through creating microtears, and then those being repaired with new cellular growth. By maximizing your erection through ballooning, you can create those microtears, and then keep the penis filled with nutrient-rich blood to facilitate the new cellular growth.


  1. Try Reverse Kegels – Reverse Kegels, also known as anal breathing, are done by gently push the anus out, as if you’re going to pass gas. A clue of when you’re doing reverse Kegels is the lower abdomen pooches out slightly. These are the opposite of regular Kegels, where you contract the pelvic floor muscles, raising them into the body.
  1. Squeeze the Glans – If you get too near the point-of-no-return, and feel like you’re about to lose control, try squeezing the tip of the glans.
  1. Try Adding Herbal Supplements – Herbal supplements, like VigRX and ExtenZe, are excellent additions to a ballooning routine. These are designed to increase blood flow to the penis, further enhancing your ballooning benefits.
  1. Use Lube – Since ballooning involves continual rubbing, using a lube can make the exercise more comfortable.


Ballooning is a great exercise for not only increases in penis length and girth, but also to improve erection hardness and sexual stamina. It’s different from edging, as it doesn’t involve stroking, but rather the rubbing of a single “magic spot” to facilitate arousal. Also, unlike edging, there is no orgasmic release when you’re finished.

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  1. In order for me to reach a hard erection I cannot start with ballooning. I need to do it through regular stroking motion. Once I get the hard erection though, I can maintain it and push it to the max by doing ballooning.

    While ballooning I don’t just rub one spot, instead I change it constantly and I usually stimulate the back of my glan and the underside of the frenulum. If I feel like I am getting too close to the PONR I switch to other less sensitive areas but if I fall too far from the PONR sometimes I gotta do a very light, short stroking arounnd the back of the glan. I can usually control it without getting past the PONR and keep my penis very hard for some minutes but after a while my dick starts to get flaccid and I get to a point where I can’t go on.

    I currently suffer from some ED. Maybe PIED, so I am trying to stay away from porn and hopefully by doing this more I will start to eliminate the ED. Crossing my fingers…

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