Male Enhancement News: Penile Enlargement Now Possible with Stem Cells?

Male Enhancement News - Penile Enlargement with Fat and Stem Cell Injections

Here’s how cutting-edge medical technology can benefit male enhancement. UK stem cell bank, Stem Protect, says penile enlargement can be done by injecting stem cells in the penis.

In a January 2018 report by, Stem Protect founder Mark Hall says the enhancement procedure involves a combination of injecting fat taken through liposuction, and healthy stem cells from the patient’s own body.[1] The stem cells will be injected in stages, which means men won’t need prolonged hospital stay.

The treatment is based on a traditional method of penile enhancement, where fat is injected into the penis to help increase penile size. The new procedure will use stem cells with the fat. Stem Protect claims this treatment can enlarge the penis up to 2 or 3 inches. Hall says “The more stem cells you inject, the larger it would become.” The treatment is estimated to cost less than £5,000 or $6,900.

Hall also says using materials other than natural tissue for penile enhancement can be risky, but he claims stem cells can “effectively improve on nature using all the original materials.”

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However, New York-based, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Darren Smith, told Men’s Health that injecting stem cells into the penis wouldn’t make it larger.[2]

Dr. Smith says the stem cells’ primary benefit is to significantly improve the body’s ability to heal. He also said adding it to the procedure would improve the penis’ skin quality.

But when it comes to penile length and girth? Dr. Smith says, “Stem cells aren’t particularly useful for adding volume or length.”

Survey Suggests Many Men are Interested in the Male Enhancement Procedure

In another report published by the LAD Bible, Hall states that many people have contacted them regarding the penile enhancement procedure.

According to Stem Protect’s survey, 95 percent of people said they would prefer stem cell procedures over traditional plastic surgery, if they’re given a choice.[3]

In the same report, Hall explains how people are aware that stem cells can help regenerate tissue. Using a person’s own stem cells can help grow tissue that won’t be rejected by the body.

But for men who are not comfortable with fat injections, or want to save up for this type of male enhancement procedure–you can always do penis exercises. It will certainly take more time, but there’s no harm in doing proper penile exercises while this treatment is proven to be effective.

What do you think of stem cell therapy and penile enhancement? Think it will work? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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