Mini-Jelqs / Mini Jelqing

Mini-jelqs are a variation of jelqing. Developed in the ancient Middle East, more than a millenia ago, jelqing has been found to be a effective, safe and natural means of penis enlargement.

Despite the “mini” in its name, the mini-jelq holds all the same safety precautions of a full jelq. Always warm your penis up before you begin. Never perform the mini-jelq on a fully erection. If your body is telling you something hurts, stop doing it. Penis exercises are not a quick fix. Keep this in mind and begin to increase your mini-jelq reps slowlly. With consistent workouts, you” begin to see the positive penis enlargement effects very soon.

The Mini-Jelq Video

The Mini-Jelq can be done as a standard exercise, or you can use it to fix a penis curve, by focusing on one of your corpus chambers.

Example: Mini Jelq/Jelqing Video



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