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Tips for improving strength of erections

Mr. Penis

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May 18, 2011
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Found out I have a varicocele. Varicose veins in my left testicle have become enlarged and the valves have failed and they're essentially a clump of big dead veins in my balls. Experienced some ED which comes and goes, and with time, will go away permanently. But the main sensation now is that I have a hard penis but not powerful like they used to feel. I used to do PE but have been off the ball, whoops no pun intended, for a year or so now. I want to get back in the game but I need to take a different approach. I want to strictly focus on erectile strength rather than size right now.

Are there any specific things I can do besides kegels?
I'm a little iffy on stretching because it can on rare occasions cause pain. Which over time will permanently go away.

Anyone who hasn't heard of a varicocele I asked my urologist and he stated that this was not caused by any PE that was done in the past. They are very common and in most cases they don't force any extreme change in everyday life. My case is just a little more intense.