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Tips for high erection angle guys


Well Done !
Apr 9, 2018
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I’ve been lurking for years to see someone who is cut and has a high erection angle penis on this site and had gained. 🤦🏽*♂️ Every last person I found with stats similar to mine quit befor they even could really understand on what to do to gain.

They key is Doing btc correctly you have to target each side of the penis, so let it hang left side of scrotum and right side, to create definition on the sides of the penis. Sit on the edge of your bed or chair kick your feet up and let it hang to the side of each testicle for 10 mins each. a 20 Min set
Repeat that twice, so 20 Mins each side side.
Let me repeat this in another format Left 10 mins x2
Right 10 mins x2. Total should be 40 mins.

if you have an high erection angle and you start to notice the scrotum is being pulled on to the shaft do some testicle jelques and some foreskin restoration stretches.

If you got any questions just look at my older post the routine I was doing got me decent gains, pretty fast. Just know after u get that initial gain you got to put in work to feel that same stretch you got when you first started. I’m also thinking once you completed the deformation of the suspensory ligaments you should move to OTS that’s what I’m going to do when I’m done gaining from btc