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The 4 Bedroom Versions ! [ Please Read, I'm not a Monster ]


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Oct 3, 2017
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This is a Thread a made specially for theGOAT, i just wanna apologies for the miss understanding.

This is a Guide to have Sex in Bed:

#1 - Satisfy her: ( It's like you are a Gigolo Payed to satisfy her )

First Rule: is Communication!

This is a soft sex, based only for the girl's satisfaction. Saying jokes, Foreplay, Kissing her body, touching / feeling her body and Cunniligus and than go on slowly, make her enjoy sex as she want.

#2 - Satisfying YOU! ( She's acting a Prostitute / Escort )

She has to be an expert in making you have a great time!

#3 - Satisfying both sides ( This is like regular sex, to people enjoying times with each other )

This is the most common

#4 - Satisfying the Viewer ( Porn Performance ) -This is my favourite!

I like this one because both side are trying their best 100% to look great and to appear great infront of the camera as if they are born for this!

Why i like this one ? Because it's sport! A team work, you both are trying your best to make it look great for anyone who's watching it!

PS: I Have no problem standing naked infront of a Camera man or a group of people as long as we are going to make an art.

PS: I respect all women and i respect everybody. I practiced all the 4 Versions above, each one is different and you gotta be in Character in order to make roleplay it perfectly!

Thanks for reading, which one you guys like ?


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Well Done !
Jun 3, 2015
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South Korea
Who is Miss Understanding?

I do not think theGOAT has seen this.
It's a little difficult to understand what your point is here...