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Silverman's log on Pre-e


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Feb 8, 2016
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Hey guys!

Gonna start my own log as well, so I can keep track for myself easier. Decided why not do it here.

2 days ago started using folic acid and st john's wort as something new to try out. Have been using antidepressants as well before, so want to see how they compare.
Drinking st john's wort tea with 800mcg of folic acid (2x400mcg) once a day when I wake up. First time after doing that a hour later I had an edging session which went well, I lasted longer then usual and it was easier to control. To write out placebo effect from that on first day, I'm going to be edging later on today again, so will see how it goes.

This log is probably going to consist of medications, herbs, meditation and such things, not so much with exercises.

Atm im building a meditating/tai chi routine to be able to control my arousal better as I find that the biggest issue for me.

So far im feeling pretty good and I have good hopes on things im trying now.
Well keep this log updated when I can and talk with anyone who's interested as well!