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Should I try and make my ligs pop?


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Dec 10, 2016
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Would it be beneficial to make my ligs pop? I did it 3 times yesterday on purpose and once today. I noticed that I can get the lig on my left side to pop when I stretch straight out while I have my bib hanger attached. It honestly feels like such a relief when I do it, no pain after or during just a startling feeling.
I noticed as well that my eq was through the roof this morning and throughout the day. I felt somewhat sore at the base of my dick on the inside, I'm sure it's from hanging btc a long with the stretches. I do btc hanging. But throughout the day I'll stretch with the hanger so, btc, su, left and right. I can actually reach under my nuts and feel what I believe is the ligs coming out more when I stretch with the hanger. IMO it is much better to stretch with the bib as it doesn't lose grip and targets the internal. Since I started jp90 a month ago I noticed more foreskin coming back as well so now I really want the internals to grow.
I'm just waiting on my nut straps now from bluecollarfetish. Thanks jock, the starter kit seems the best bet. Hopefully it gets rid of the turkey neck.