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Routine for a newbie like me.


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Jan 9, 2017
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My routine is as follows:
- 5 minutes warm up.
- 2 sets of a 30-second-stretches to each side. (Straight out, left, right, down and up).
- 70 dry jelqs.

Some times I warm down and edge.

I've been doing this routine only for a week but I'd been doing some lighter versions of this one for a month and a half before getting here. I'm planning to stick with this and keep it like it is at least for another month and a half but as you are more experimented with this I'd like to know your thoughts on about this and whether it's OK or if should make any change. I take on average 10 minutes to do the 70 dry jelqs.

Right now my main goal is length so if you think there are some exercises I could do now or in near future please let me know.

So far I have not seen substantial gains (if there actually are) but I know this is a matter of months/years but as anyone I want to have a really effective routine.
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