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Reverse Kegel Only Routine and Penis Stretching


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Jun 21, 2015
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This will be a long message so bear with me.
First of all I commend all of you for your contributions. You help so many people, many of whom never post and only read (like me). It's also nice to see legends like Pegasus still hanging around!
Anyway, I began a reverse kegel only routine about 3 weeks ago. In my past I've had problems with EQ and premature ejaculation, so my remedy (more kegel or reverse kegel) wasn't apparent. I've skated by in recent years with decent erections that needed consistent stimulation to stay up and used desensitizing condoms.
Now for the reverse kegel only routine. I did 3 sets of 1 minute holds, front and back, every other day more or less, resting in between. I also did basic penis stretches on some off days and even in the same day as the routine. Could I have been overworking it to this end?? Neither the exercise or stretch was ever forced or painful, I was gentle, breathed etc. Only hear about overworking through kegels. Anyway, I've been doing this for 3 weeks or so. I tried masturbating yesterday and couldn't get erect, it's highly desensitized. I got morning wood today so that's encouraging, but I can not stimulate myself to orgasm though. So, personally, I advise against the reverse kegel only routine and now support what so many others in different posts have suggested by doing both kegels and reverse kegels.
As for me, I'm stopping the exercises and stretching altogether for the time being. Do you guys think that will get my stimulation and sensitivity back to "my normal", through rest? And how much time do you estimate? Any other thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

P.S. I posted this as a reply in the PreE forum but I feel it's better served and more appropriate for this forum. I apologize for that.