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Returning due to shrinkage, eeek!


Well Done !
Apr 17, 2018
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Hi guys, I've dabbled with pe a bit over the years. Starting around 20 years old, I'm now coming on 38 and as the title says... Have noticed some shrinkage recently, especially flaccid but even erect. Obviously this is not acceptable haha

I haven't got anything to measure accurately, but used something I know is 6.5" and used it to get a rough idea of bpel. It looks like I'm just over 7" bpel. Usually when I pe I can get back to 8" bpel relatively quickly, so I'm hoping for a good result. Its hard for me to remember but I'm pretty sure I was closer to 8.5" all those years ago at 20 years old.

I know 7" bpel isn't exactly small, but it has depressed me a little to get that result tbh.

Just started a simple routine today that is a quick warm up, 10 minutes of stretching followed by 100 slowish jelqs and then edged for a bit. Will prob do piss pulls and little bits to stimulate blood flow etc. throughout the day