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Qs7 V Ctc Xl-3000


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Mar 14, 2006
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South-West Dorset, UK
You could say I have more money than sense; however, I don’t have a lot of money. But that aside, I’m more than capable of forming an opinion and passing it on.

During 2005 I visited CTC’s, web site looking at the XL-3000 Ultra Pump, the European model (I live in the UK) at $389.00 + $75 SnH. They don’t carry a stock and make to order, which according to them takes 4 weeks and which I was prepared to wait. In fact I would have been prepared to wait longer, just so long as I knew about it. However, it got to six before I had to E-mailed asking why the delay. That was ignored, as was my next enquiry, the pump taking a further two weeks to turn up.

In view of events thus far I suppose I shouldn’t have been at all surprised or disappointment when unpacking the pump. The toolbox case was awash with oil, taking a lot of mopping up, and the paper work clearly stated that the pump could only be used with 110-volt supply. The power cable also lead me to suspect I’d been sent the wrong type of pump as it’s only useable in the Americas.

I didn’t hold my breath when sending the next E-mail, complaining, although this time I did get a response. It appeared it was everybody’s fault except CTC’s; even mine for not reading the obscure label on the underside of the motor, which requires a contortionist with a 4” square head to get inside the box to see. Apparently, if I had, I would have seen, despite the erroneous documentation, that it was in fact a 220volt motor, albeit I would have to buy a cable adapter before it would run. I notice since my complaining that CTC now mention an adapter on their web page, so I like to think that I made some sort of impression on them.

Once the pump was up and running I noticed, after the first session, that more oil had spewed out of the pump cylinder during running. Further correspondence suggested that it had been over filled during assembly and not surprisingly tolled that all I need do was mop it up, after all I was pretty adept at doing it by then.

I’m not quite sure when it was that the vent/relief valve started breaking down; while becoming accustomed to the pump, it took a lot of adjusting for comfort etc. Consequently I wasn’t aware of a situation worsening till one day it didn’t work at all and required a work round. It took about six months though before the actual pump broke, the nozzle connecting the plastic tube to the vacuum pump (well protected inside the case) sheering off?

My previous contact with CTC (the equivalent of hitting head against brick wall!) indicated that further attempts corresponding would be futile and I decided to cut my losses. Fortunately for CTC they’re over there and I’m over here, otherwise I wouldn’t have given up at all till I had, at least, my money back, we have laws over here protecting consumers against misleading sales pitches and shoddy goods.

Not to be put off though my next venture was to look at the Aculogic QS7 from Pumptoys. $499.95 + $50 SnH. It started out as a general enquiry that received a prompt courteous reply from “Bagman”, Dan, immediately creating the impression that I could deal with this company and with confidence. Deciding to buy, I went ahead and ordered, but my bank rejected the transaction; just the sort of thing you need on a weekend when they’re closed and there’s no one to talk to. I had to go back to Dan and apologise. Again his response was swift and supportive and full of helpful suggestions, but I managed to straighten the bank out on the Monday and the order eventually went ahead.

The next I heard from Dan was confirmation and order #, then a shipping notice and further correspondence explaining the breakdown of costs and how each stage payment affected my bank card; such attention to detail and how refreshingly different to CTC.

My pump arrived about 10 days later, but unfortunately had been damaged in transit. However, from the service I’d received so far I had no reservations in notifying Dan the man, who, without demanding the other on back first, had me a replacement in a week. Since then I’ve had many hours of fun using the various programs and creating my own – and not a drop of oil anywhere!

Compared to the CTC? Well, there is no comparison really; there’s no maintenance – filling it with oil every 30 days, and then mopping it up every 30 minutes, no adjustment valve to break down and no oscillating nozzle to sheer off. There’s very little noise compared to the monotonous sounding CTC and what noise there is, is much quieter. And because of the variety of programs the QS7 doesn’t become boring; with a hand pump I can move around while wearing a cylinder and get involved in other activities, but if I’m going to be tied to one place I don’t want monotonous and boring.

I know it’s early days yet and therefore cant speak of durability of the QS7, but I would be surprised if it should break down in the same fashion as the CTC. Even if it did though, I know that Dan believes in his product and wanting his customers to have the best, will do right by them.
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