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Premature Ejaculation-----HELP


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Sep 26, 2017
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I am 32 year old, having premature ejaculation problem. I last less than a minute most of the times except when I am drunk or have sex in the morning. After browsing through this forum, I am sure this is caused by previous poor masturbation habits and porn, which caused my pelvic floor to tense up chronically. I can say all this based on other threads with people having similar problem.

To remediate this, I have since two weeks added plateau edging and meditative reverse kegeling to my routine. I try to edge without porn for around 20 minutes but I get extremely aroused and feel PONR soon into edging and try to stay aroused and still continue stimulation for complete 20 minutes without ejaculating. I hit PONR several times, at that point I slow down and just rub my glans and stay aroused. I have not added reverse kegeling yet during edging. After slowing down and resuming stimulation, I reach PONR very soon again. I use tight grip and both hands during edging with lube. Should I be edging with very high arousal or lower arousal to get results? And, does edging itself cause tense pelvic floor, cause I see some changes in my urination, like slow dripping towards the end since I started edging. I am not doing regular kegels and its 100% reverse.

I am hoping to practice edging and reverse kegeling during sex too once I am confident I can hold off PONR during solo edging. If I have missed anything or if any of you have any tips, please reply. I cannot thank PEGym enough for the incredible stories everyone has to share here and helping me to finally narrow down on the causes of PE and possible resolution. Thanks. I will keep updated about my progress.