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Powders for Grip

Mister A

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Nov 30, 2010
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Hey guys!

I realize my post count is very low and I'm a 'newb' to the forum. However, as someone on the verge of deadlifting 700lbs, I figure I'd throw in my .02 on the powders some people are using for grip issues.

Baby Powder
I've seen this used a lot by many members. This actually surprises me as it's a very slippery powder in the scheme of things. In the powerlifting world, it's a HUGE no-no to use this. It actually impairs grip. The idea behind the powder is to help cure/prevent a rash for an infant. Thus, it's going to cause a lot less friction and grip.

Talcum Powder
This stuff works great, and is reasonably cheap. Not quite as effective as chalk, but works really well. Dries the hands out (this is KEY for grip) and doesn't allow for slipping. Causes a lot of friction, but I don't think it would be in an impairing way with manual stretching.

This would be king of the hill. Granted, holding onto a treated steel deadlift bar is a bit different than pulling on our dicks. At the same time, this has been the weapon of choice for Olympic lifters, world's strongest man competitors, and powerlifters for decades. It just soaks up all moisture, so something to put some moisture back into the dick.

If baby powder is working well, then by all means keep using it! I'm just sharing from my perspective that I was a bit alarmed at people using something, for me anyways, that would impair grip. I think baby powder would be great for those that like dry jelqing and might need a little help but don't want a lube.

I think the easiest way is just get your hands stronger, but that would be another thread altogether haha.

Hope this helped a little bit, and just my .02
-Mr. A