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Need help programing


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Feb 23, 2018
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Hello, this is my first time posting on this site or well any forum in general. Regardless I've been doing PE off and on for the last 2 months not really finding time to do it, but since me and the girlfriend just broke up I've just ran into quite a bit of spare time on my hands. Some of the issues might of spurred from an insecurity about my penis .-.

Ok... to get to my point my goal, at least short tem, is 7 inches in BPEL and 5.6 MSEG. Being that I am currently 6.7 BPEL and 5.4 MSEG I feel like that's tangible? Untimely though I would like to reach about 7.5 NPEL (6.5 currently) and 6 MSEG. Is that possible? I feel like I have very solid EQ and probably wont get much of an EQ gain. My biggest issue seems to be what program to run. I'm unsure of what frequency would be best, exercises to do, how many sets or reps, etc. I own the bathmate hydromax x30 so I would like to implement that into the routine. I just don't feel like I can invest more than an hour a day to it though. However, consistency should be an issue. I'm just really looking at any advice at all such as supplements or exercises along with a program that's been successful for anyone else. (I did do Jp90s program awhile back idk if that means I have to acclimate my unit again or not). Also my LOT is down idk if that makes a difference on the exercises I should do.

Thank you and best regards.

P.S... I'm sorry if there are more forums I could read or if this has been covered but I was looking for a more personalized response.