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My Beginners feed and the journey ahead

dinky ding dong doo

Well Done !
Jun 22, 2017
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Hi gentleman I'm new to all this done some research and read for the past day or so.
Thought it was time to jump on board and get some advice and start my PE when I hv everything needed.

I have created this feed coz I want to hv just one feed not loads also I can then keep all in one place and show my progress from start to finish early days I know if I'm doing anything wrong plz correct me thanks Dinky ding dong doo.

Iv got some pills coming already called ReZaZyte Ron Jeremy swears by these so I bought them also Ron said he takes grape fruit juice everyday with vitamin E tablets to give a good load best to taken in the morning empty stomach.

Was going to buy a bathmate but seen on here not to use till iv at least been doing PE for 90 days so ill hold off.

I'm a bodybuilder so training is second to non to me, I'm 29 and wanting to improve my girth whilst add another 1/2" length.
Ill do some more reading up on what's best for me for girth gains.

I started last night by taking some pictures of my penis for the before pictures in time to come i can show the gains with some after pictures also.

As I stand my measurements are
BPFL 4.7"
FG 4"
BPEL 8.4"
EG 5"

Me been a male I'm really self conscious and I don't know why but I have always thought I'm small and thin but after reading up this seems to be just my head talking, bad I know always put my self down.

I know I need to work on first over length although I don't mind gaining both, I know I have to read all starter feed and work outs but if anyone with great experience can tell me best way to go on my feed here would be awsome thank you.