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Kind of a Newbie - gear paralysis


Growing Posts (LTT)
Growing ! (ltt)
Jan 11, 2021
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Hi fellas,

New to PE (kind of). I actually did manual exercises for 4-6 months 15 years ago and saw decent results. I didn’t take measurements at the time but certainly noticed stronger erections and gains.

I’m motivated and want to buy my first piece of equipment, and after weeks of research, I’m more confused now than when I started. I do know the only equipment that works is the equipment you will actually use. Therefore, let me describe my situation. I work from home and have 6-8 hours before the family gets home. However, I am very busy at home so I can’t spend all day with timely exercises. I think there are two basic strategies.

Strategy 1:
Manual exercises
Hanging (Light) 15 min, working myself up
Passive, stretching anti-turtle (like stealth)

Strategy 2:
Manual exercises
Extender - so many choices, I’m overwhelmed. 6-8 hours per day
Passive, stretching anti-turtle (like stealth)

Would love to get feedback and recommendation on equipment. Thanks gents

Current Length - 6.5
Short term goal - 7.0
Long term goal - 7.5

Girth - 4.75