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I've given myself ED and EQ problems trying to fix my PreE, anyone got advice?


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Feb 23, 2021
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Hi Everyone

I'll try to give as much detail as possible to my situation.

I've always ejaculated pretty quickly. Excluding when I'm drunk, I'd usually last a couple minutes during sex. I'm almost certain it's from my masturbation habits from childhood/adolescence where I'd masturbate very hard and quickly to not get caught by my parents or to fit a quick one in before school.

Around 6 months ago I quit masturbation and porn (something I'd been trying to do for 1.5 years). After around a month of doing so my EQ increased to 11/10, was rock hard all of the time with a crazy high libido. Note - I've never really had problems with EQ or ED, it's more been the PreE side for me.

A month or two ago I broke my streak :( and obviously this killed my libido and EQ for a bit. Around the same time I came across friend who is also into PE. I did some reading on premature ejaculation and started doing RKs pretty much around the same time as when I broke my nofap streak. Since then I've never been able to get a fully rock hard erection (probably between a 6/10 and a 7.5/10) and even have started to not be able to get it up occasionally.

I realised since then that I should've been doing kegels as well as reverse kegels, and want to get a good routine for both of them.

The only difference between my nofap streak this time and last time (around 50/60 days now) is that last time I went my first 80 days with no ejaculation or sex whereas I have been having sex this time, (so since my relapse I probably haven't gone more than 8/9 days in a row without ejaculating). I did start the JP90 shortly after RKs but have paused it for now because of the negative PI. Also I'm taking almost every supplement recommended on here for EQ, libido etc., including Maca, Panax Ginseng, Ashwaghanda, L-Arg & L-Cit,Ginger, Garlic, and a Multivatimin.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar to this or does anyone have any advice? My main goal is to 1) get back the crazy erections and libido that I had when I did my first nofap streak and 2) beat my lifelong PreE. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Jul 15, 2009
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Not a fan of Nofap .

Suggest a hormone test if you need long periods to recover from ejaculation.