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Hello! And thank you all

Largo LaGrande

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Dec 3, 2020
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I’m a long time lurker. And having prowled the forum for years, I thought I’d try to give something back to the community. But since this place is so full of both experience and knowledge, I really don’t have anything to offer other than a recap of my own ongoing journey. So, I guess this will serve as a way for me to give myself an overview of where I’m at, and try to pay some sort of tribute to the community.

Anyway. I guess a way to put it is that my background is in bodybuilding and academics, which are also two main things that made me discovery all this. When lifting heavy, I often noticed that my unit would pretty much shrink and turn into a hard flaccid. I also noticed that the same thing happened during cold exposure. Browsing the journals of urology, I came in contact with several applicable explanations (muscle and/or pelvic imbalance, testosterone deficiency, poor circulation and so on). In my case, I came to the conclusion that the explanation lay in imbalance leading to circulatory issues creating a downward spiral of unitary chaos. I also came in contact with extenders, which have a somewhat solid standing in the literature in regards to size gains.

Things are somewhat murky as to why I ended up having male enhancement exercises as a natural part of my life, since I mainly considered myself as having sporadic flaccid issues. But in the end, I’m glad it all worked out the way it did because it has give me much greater awareness of things. I’m pretty sure this forum had something to do with it, since it has popped up randomly throughout the years and probably planted something subliminally in me.

Before I start to ramble. I’ll try to summarize what I do and what I’ve learned. If it’s of use to someone, great! If not, at least it made me realize where I am and what might be my next step.

My current array of tools
My own belief is that success lies in determination and variation. So I’ve periodically focused on different workouts, but I seem to orient towards these four and consider them my old friends.

  • Extending. Both manually and with an extender. The old scientific truth being 3-4 hours minimum needed, but recent studies showing 30 minutes being effective for length.
  • Pumping. Short bouts throughout the day in order to ensure oxygenation and blood flow in every part of the unit. Seems to balance out length and girth gains.
  • Ligament stretches. In my experience, it works wonders for flaccid length.
  • Pelvic awareness. Avoiding involuntary kegling and staying lose and relaxed.

On the question of resting
I believe rest is of importance no matter what you do. And in the end, it’s a question of balance between rest and activity. There is no golden rule, and it will boil down to bodily response. The body is always communicating.

  • Extending requires less rest.
  • Girth and ligament work requires more rest.

My views on supplements
I believe that supplements should be considered actually being supplemental. And if they make a big difference, chances are that they should be viewed as more of a push to make lifestyle changes rather than as having solved a problem. That being said, I believe two things are of particular interest when it comes to all this.

  • L-citrulline is perhaps the only readily available supplement that increase nitric oxide in penile tissue. It beats l-arginine since it cuts out some of the conversion steps for the body.
  • Ashwagandha has been shown to be one of perhaps two readily available supplements that restores testosterone levels in testosterone deficient men.

Things that made me realize that this stuff actually works (on the size side of things)
During all of this, I’ve had a few ‘This actually works’ moments. And they’ve left me pretty much amazed that it’s even possible to take control of things.

  • Putting on a condom and realizing that regular size was too small.
  • Looking in a full body mirror and getting a mental flashback to the final scene of Boogie nights.
  • More vocal response from the wife.
  • Not having any particular shrinkage when working out or being out in the cold.

The difference it has made in my life
When I began all this, I didn’t really consider myself as having much of a problem. I felt that my issues where minor. But as time goes on, I’ve come to view them as actually having been quite significant.

  • No more shrinkage. My unit is now pretty much impervious to stress and cold.
  • Reliable blood flow, which makes the unit feel like an existing part of me rather than some sort of crazed worm with its semi-own life.
  • Less over-sensitive to stimulation. There’s a greater distinction between a touch and a touch with the intent to stimulate.

  • Better pelvic control, less urinary dribbling and better urine flow.

Things that caused injury (but none that have been serious or lasting)
I haven’t really experienced any serious injury. But there are a few things that have at least made me pay extra attention. None of these represent a comment on the safety of any particular device or method, they’re mainly examples of my own clumsiness.

  • Burst vein while clamping. It gave me a good scare, since it happened without me noticing it until I saw blood seeping into the skin. I’ve never been so quick to dive into the shower, setting it to full blast cold.
  • Pinched skin during my initial fiddling with an extender. Made the swollen part of the skin look like a disturbed balloon.

Post PE-insights
These insights are, as things tend to be, very subjective. And please don’t take them as anything other than my own beliefs. When I began, I didn’t feel that I had many problems. But I’ve come to realize that the issues were greater than I could have imagined.

  • Many of us have, or have had, some degree of Peyronie's. During all this, I realized that my unit had a slight angle and what could best be described as an uneven mesh structure. This is now gone and it’s both straight and smooth.
  • Many of our respective units have suffered greatly from lack of oxygen/blood flow due to hours and hours of sitting, tight underwear and what have you.
  • It’s possible to take control. And in the end, our respective PE-journey is an extension of ourselves and our lives. None identical to the other.

Anyway. Thank you all. Without this forum, I really wouldn’t have gotten the inspiration needed to make progress.
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Feb 20, 2020
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Nice summary. I've definitely noticed similar benefits along my journey.

Again, great insights throughout. Nice post!


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Excellent !
Well Done !
Mar 18, 2011
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Welcome to the gym