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Getting in overtraining really easy


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Apr 5, 2017
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Hey guys!!

To start off: Im doing NoFap and am on 116 days right now. I know a lot of the members here think its bullshit, but I suffered from PIED and low libido and its still not cured. I just watched to much porn in my life and I guess I need a very long reboot phase. Im telling you this, because its kinda hard to judge my EQ, because it is never the same, but was only good on some rare occasions in the last month (around new year I had good morning wood).
Something else you should consider, is that my sleep is really bad right now (slept a lot of days for 4 hours only, but the length gets better, but sleep quality isnt that good), mainly because of depression and probably weed withdrawal symptoms (I quit 6,5 weeks ago, I also quit cigarettes 3 weeks ago). And btw: I read the article about avoiding overtraining.

I started with PE in last September, and I wouldnt be surprised if I'm the guy with the least resilience to manual exercises. Pretty quick I changed to 1on2off or 3off, because I got in overtraining so quick (but tbh i was never sure if my EQ just sucks in general or it was overtraining). I did only stretching for a while, because I think its not as tough for my member as jelqing. I also used a Bathmate for a short amount of time, but I wont use it again (btw: how do i condition myself for the BM in future? With Jelqs?).
So the most times my program was stretching (I did it like in JP90) + kegeling. Regarding kegeling I made pretty good progress I guess. When I did it last time, I already did 100quick kegels (regular and reverse) and after that 10min hold (regular and reverse). Should I maybe do less of them, even if my member is not sore or tired from them?
My warming up was extended to 20-30min (using a ricesocket heated in the microwave at 440w for 40sec). I warmed down for a similar amount of time.
Im aware that the intensity of the exercises plays a big role. I might overlook it in the past (or lets say in the last 4, 5 sessions when I did jelqing instead of stretching), but I think im turtling pretty quick from jelqs. I defo will pay attention to it and stop immediately in the future. When my EQ got slightly better at the start of the year, I had problems for being too hard for jelqs (wasnt a bad sign back then) and I might had soem jelqs with higher than advised EQ. Will defo avoid that in future.
Do stretches and jelqs together make overtraining more likely? I mean is it like weightlifting where you shouldnt train shoulders and chest on two days (like monday and tuesday) or is it like legs and upper body? Should I train them together or maybe do a split them up and try 1on2off (Monday - Jelq, thursday - stretching, sunday - jelq, wednesday stretching with kegels as well)?
I think I defo will cut V-Jelqs for now, as I cant do them "light" because my member is not completely straigth. Its kinda hard to put pressure on the sides and Im forced to apply pressure which is too big i guess.
If I would have to cut down the stretching from JP 90, what exactly should I skip? Maybe just two sets of helicopter stretching and keep the stretching in four directions?

Thanks a lot guys!