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Exercises at work for relaxed pelvic floor.


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Sep 7, 2015
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Are there any exercises for someone like me who works at a restaurant for 8+ hours during a day and is on his feet a lot, also climbing stairs, to have more of a relaxed pelvic floor that will translate to sex. I feel like my pelvic tightens up a lot and during sex i can feel it very tighten near ejaculation. What exercsies can i do to have a relaxed pelvic floor through out the day other than RK's. I still cant figure out how to RK properly and if RK is affecting my erection quality during sex.


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Jun 3, 2015
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South Korea
I am not sure what you can do apart from RKs. I too stand a lot during the day while teaching classes. And I walk up and down stairs between classes During those stair climbs times I am generally doing alternating RKs and Kegels.

While standing in class I will be aware of the pelvic tension, so I do RKs to loosen up.

You could do Hindi squats, but they are kind of obvious and people may wonder...

To properly do an RK think of it this way: kegel pulls balls up/in to the body. RK pushes balls out/down from body. It takes some practice, but once you get it, you can vary the types you do. I like to do rolling kegels when on stairs. I kegel, tensing the floor from front to back. As the kegel reaches the back I start to RK at the front and then move the RK back, and repeat. Its like a wave action.