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Edema Troubles


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Sep 11, 2015
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Been using JP90 routine for almost a year with solid results. Found myself jelqing at increased levels of erection as it both felt more effective and was easier to perform.

After a particularly intense workout I got major doughnut effect just below the glands, only this time it didn't go away. I took a break from PE and the swelling very slowly subsided and broke up into what felt like tiny hard marbles under my skin. Those went away too (thank god) but I still have what feels like scar tissue buildup on one side of my penis below the glands.

After taking a solid month off, I started back up again only to find the doughnut effect occurs way more easily and sooner now.

Do I need to take serious time off ? Or is there a technique I can use to reduce the edema or have I given myself a permanent edema?

Thanks for your advice guys. I don't post often but I've benefited greatly from everyone here.