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Delayed ejaculation


Growing Posts (LTT)
Growing ! (ltt)
Apr 18, 2018
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Hey all, still fairly new here. This is something I've had since I lost my virginity and wanted to know if any of you could add insight into the matter because I haven't found much myself over the years. I've only ever gotten off during sexual intercourse a little over a handful of times yet if I'm just masterbating by myself I have no issue finishing within 10-20 minutes, sometimes even faster just depends. The times I have gotten off it has lasted well over an hour and most of the females I've been with say they don't mind but I can tell after they get off a certain amount of times it starts to affect them and a few have thought there was something wrong with them because of my issue. Has anyone else had this issue since you could remember and cured it to where you can get off in say 20-30 minutes compared to an hour? It's worth mentioning that I've suffered with anxiety all of my life and to a decent extreme. I also have trust issues with people in general but females definitely mainly childhood related. So I'm not sure if this could have something to do with it. This is something I want to improve through p.e much more than adding size so any feedback related will be appreciated. I'm 22 in good shape if that helps, thanks.