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Cold Penis Tip & Hour Glass Shape


Growing Posts (LTT)
Growing ! (ltt)
Mar 22, 2021
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I am very new to PE and I am just trying to figure out whether I should continue or if I am making problems worse. Basically I started using a Quick Extender Pro for a few days and I started to notice that the tip of my penis would get cold. Naturally I tried to loosen the straps as much as possible but no matter how loose I got it the head of my penis would get cold. I decided to take a break but I have noticed that even without the extender my penis would get cold throughout the day. I guess up to this point in my life I really have not paid attention to this detail so I am curious as to if I have always had this problem or if this was a result of using the extender (if that is even possible?). Is it safe to continue using the my device or will I make things worse?

Secondly I noticed that I have an hour glassed shaped penis when I am semi flaccid (approx 30-40% flaccid). The skin in that area also seems to be darker than the rest of my penis. I do not have an issue getting erect or staying erect. The hour glass shape also goes away when I become more erect. I am assuming this is from using the "death grip" technique over the years. Will using an extender or any enlargement technique make this worse? And is there any way of fixing this issue?