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A few questions before I start PE


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Feb 23, 2020
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Hey everyone!

I’ve known about PE and this website for a while, but I’ve never followed through with making an account or actually trying PE. After thinking for a while, I’m ready to start!

My penis is slightly below average in both length and girth, so my ultimate goal would be to add an inch and length and .5 inch in girth. I believe it’s a super attainable goal. I do masturbate about 6-7 times a week so I know I’ll have to slow that down a lot. My EQ is good and I’ve never had any problems there. I’ll probably measure for results every month. But this is all new to me, so while I did research, I still have a few questions!

1. Is JP90 the routine I should use to start? I’ve never done PE before. I see that JP90 is the most popular routine, but I’ve also seen that other people have done different routines to start off with. For example, a few people posted that their beginning routine was just 200 jelqs a day. So I’m just curious on recommendations on if JP90 is still the best way to start for me, or if there’s another routine I should try.

2. I’m still confused on Edging. Does it actually help with growth? Do you cum after you edge? And how long and how many times do you do it? I know this might be a stupid question but I’m still confused.

3. And since I’m brand new to this, is there anything else I should do or add besides a beginner routine to start? I’m currently living by myself so I have all the privacy needed.

4. Finally, if anyone has any other advice for me, I’m down to take it! I know progress probably won’t come quick, but I’m down for the long haul!

Thank you guys for you help!


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Nov 16, 2015
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JP90 is great. I would suggest some super light strething straight out, left,right, and down just to get a feel for how your ligaments feels. ALways warm up too.


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Jan 13, 2020
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Cairo , Egypt
hello bro ,
if you have privacy , finish the beginner's routine and start hanging
Length gains , low girth gains) (my opinion)
focus on length first then go for girth
i also recommend you to read
START HERE ! topic well
focus on how actually jelqs and stretches work ? (assuming that you did , do it again)
this will improve your ability to reach your goals quickly ...
while jelq squeeze gently , squeeze slow and never skip warm up and down ..
try to pick jelq , stretch and kegels as main build in your beginner's routine
don't increase your beginner's routine
time only 1 hour is good for manual routine
so you could bypass
overtraining and injuries ..
jelq @ 50 ~ 80 % low erect to target the length
higher erection to target the
don't jelq hard , just pushing the blood slowly and gently .. (As a start)
Warming ! Warming ! Warming ! Warming ! Warming !
measure and take pics ...
good luck , and welcome to the gym ..