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A few beginners questions.


Growing Posts (LTT)
Growing ! (ltt)
Jun 29, 2019
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Hi All,
I am starting off doing PE and had some questions.
Sorry if they are dumb, but got to ask I guess.
1. If you are the type of person who has naturally loose ligaments in your joints etc, does this have any effect on wether you will be an easier length gainer by stretching, or is there no correlation?
2. If I use a pump once every couple of weeks to maximum growth and mark it off on the tube measure, is this going to give any indication of success? When I first pumped I was at 14cm, then after a couple of weeks jelqing and clamping I repumped at measured off at 14.5, then a couple of weeks later at 15.5 and just the other day at 16.5cms. Does this mean anything?
3.I am keeping from my GF as she would think its silly, but over the last couple of weeks she has commented that I am bigger and she is sore after sex now. Now this wasnt a question, just a boast I had to get in. ;)
4. If I want to hang, how long at what weight on what days should I first start off with?

Thanks heaps.


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Nov 6, 2018
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If you're member also has loose ligs, points or hangs "down" when erect, or has a very low exit point, then yeah I guess theres a coorelation.

Pumping=expansion. Most newbs experience "newbie gains" simply from expanding beyond their past erection levels. These gains indicate increase in expansion threshold but not necissarily in erect size. Erect measuring is the only way to track gains. Also, the level of erection and angle of usage when putting on the pump can often explain these differences in measurements.

When it works it works and thats why many so pump routines before sex. (Like pornstars)

Search the hanging threads of others to learn about safety, routines, hangers, conditioning, etc. Make sure you get a vacuum hanger though and not a compression style one.