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problem with ex wife

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  • problem with ex wife

    Watsup ya,today me and my ex wife meet up in the conference room for child support. We havent seen each other for a long time,man... my heart is pumping like crazy she even trying to talk to me,but i dont have any feeling at all. I know thats she been cheating on me for long time,i might think one of the kid is not mine. Thats why i told them to do the DNA test,i feel very bad inside..ya dont know how bad i feel..these kids use to be everything to me they're my life. But now i think the kids is not mine, man i need help can ya help me how to solved these kinda problem..btw my english is not that good i'll try my best to made all of ya understand what im typing..

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    How old are the kids? and how many are there?
    Give 5 no 4 maybe 3 and half minutes she be ready marry me.


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      7 and 4 both of them were girls, man..lucky i found this PE stuff i spend like 3 or 4 hours on these stuff, just trying to made my day goe by.


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        hey man sorry to hear, well i don't have half the knowledge about these things, but the first thing i would do was to consider some options: 1 if the kids aren't yours would you keep them? i mean finding out they aren't your the mom can take away your right as a parent, so if you want them no matter what. don't do the test. her being unfaithfull. one of the things people usually do when their partner in a relationship is cheaping is to blaim them self. this feeling can really tear you apart. now stop UP! think for a second! are you going to let her decide how you should feel about yourself? start doing something in your life. perhaps running? working out in general, don't do it to be big don't do it to look good, do it because it makes you feel good, and enjoy it if you think back about hard workout in your life its always a happy memory (just listen to all the x soldier training stories)

        when all comes to all. some people cheat some people don't. it doesn't matter if you got a cock the same size as king kong (or kingpole ) a body like schwatchznegger and the look of brad pitt. it has nothing to do with you, but something to do with her. her feeling about herself isn't that strong. therefore she cheats to feel attractive.

        i know the pain of losing a love in your life. i can only try to imagine the confussion of having childs mixed in the blender. but my advise. take your destiny in your own hands, become a role model and last but not less importent GET A BIG DICK!
        starting stats:
        FL: 3.6
        BP: 6.2
        EG: 5.2

        current stats

        FL: 4,8
        BP: 6.8
        EL: 6,4
        EG: 5.2

        short term goal:

        FL: 5 inch
        FG: 5 inch
        EL: 7,2 inch
        EG: 6 Inch

        Do or do not, there is no try! yoda


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          Hey thanx man for putting some of your time and effort on those words. I made my decision already,i dont care if the kids is mine or not,i still care for them and love them like i used to,in the future if they need me i'll be there for them no matter what,and between me and her is over. These problems has a good side of it though,at least i know PE does works and dick size is not an option no more..btw work hard on your dick man.. i think more is better thats my opinion.


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            Mostwanted. Hey man, what was the outcome? Did you follow through with the DNA test? Did she stick it to you for child support? What about visitation rights?
            AND, remember. Don't take out your anger/frustrations on your dick, you will hurt yourself and set yourself back.

            I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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              Hi JonPop,we didn't talk about that yet upcoming visited we will, and btw im not gonna put any anger on my dick. Beside Im gonna made it buffs and big for the next lady.