URLs/Links within posts or PM's

If the url/link is for monetized objects, sites, sites selling items, etc., it is not allowed.
We do have our site sponsors, who are allowed to utilize such.
Thank you.
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Post of The Week & Month # 1

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  • Post of The Week & Month # 1

    We'll be starting a new tradition: The Post of the Week. This will be featured on the main page, and will replace the "Hot Topics on The Forum," which is currently there now (the current posts will stay, but will gradually be faded out as the Posts of the Week grow).

    As we grow into a bigger community, we may add a Post of the Day.

    This week's Post of the Week:November 2007 Post of the Month
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    Where is a my topic with invite? Hmm i cant find it now ;/ wizz