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    More story to come later guys! I wanted to get my journal started early so I can track everything.

    Start ~2015
    BPEL 6.5"


    May 2021
    BPEL 7.5", UEG 5.0"

    Aug 2021
    BPEL ~8.25"
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    clamping 30minutes
    hanging 2.5lb x 45min
    extender 1.75" rods x 8hr


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      Hey Rufus is that 1 set of hanging 2.5lbs? What hanger are you using? Angles? Warm up?
      12 November 2020 BPEL 16.8cm MEG 13.8cm
      11 January 2021 BPEL 17.4cm MEG 14.0cm
      07 February 2021 BPEL 17.8cm MEG 14.0cm BEG 13.5cm
      27 May 2021 BPEL 18.4cm NBPEL 15.4cm MEG 14.5cm BEG 14.0cm NBPFL 11.3cm MFG 11.8cm

      Long Term Goal - 21cm NBP X 16cm


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        hanging 90min x 2.5lb
        extender 1.5'-2.0" rods x ~10hr
        clamping 15min
        Manuals 6min

        BPEL was 7.75" today, BPSFL around 7.875". My BPEL back in the day was probably in the neighborhood of 8.10". Length is coming back quickly. For manual work I am doing 2min holds of a single stretch, either to stomach or BTC, making sure I am getting an intense stretch. I like to stay in the extender as long as possible but once the glans need to breath a little, I use these breaks from the extender as an excuse to do manual work before going right back into the extender. Clamping at light intensity. Using bibhanger.


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          Originally posted by DildoShwaggins View Post
          Hey Rufus is that 1 set of hanging 2.5lbs? What hanger are you using? Angles? Warm up?
          Hey there. Im using the bibhanger with IR light and hanging straight down. No warms up except for being in the extender prior for several hours. Ive done a fair amount of compression and vacuum hanging back in the day. Im doing 15 minute sets.


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            hanging 120min x 2.5lb
            extender 1.5'-2.0" rods x ~10hr
            manuals 10 min
            pumping 30 min
            clamping 30 min

            adding in a little more intense girth work, doing 5-10 min clamping followed by respective amount of pumping, repeating for around 1 hr. Im not worried so much about girth gains right now but I feel they will aid length work.


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              hanging 90min x 2.5lb
              extender 1.5'-2.0" rods x 12hr
              manuals 10min
              pumping/clamping 20min

              BPSFL is approaching 8.0", doing a lot of mandingo stretches right now


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                Hanging 3.75lb x 15 min
                Extender 1.5 rods x 14 hours


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                  Hanging 3.75lb x 15 min
                  Extender 1.5” rods x 12 hr
                  manuals 4min

                  will resume regular volume of hanging and girth work next week.


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                    Hanging 3.75lb x 60min
                    Extender 2 rods x 12 hr
                    Clamping/pumping 20 minutes
                    Manuals 6min


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                      extender 14hr
                      clamping/pumping 15min
                      manuals 5min
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                        hanging 3.75lb x 60min, 2.5lb x 30min
                        Extender 2 rods x 12 hr
                        manuals 6min

                        BPSFL 7.93" today. Intensity on manuals are fairly low right now. Running the extender very hard.


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                          hanging 3.75lb x 45min, 2.5lb x 45min
                          Extender 2” rods x 12 hr
                          clamping/pumping 20min


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                            hanging 2.5lb x 60min
                            Extender 2.0-2.25” rods x 12 hr
                            clamping/pumping 30min

                            Letting the extender do most of the work, I am cranking up the adjustments on top of the rods to maximum length. BPSFL 8.25" today but I feel that's from glans enlargement from my girth routine. I am getting pretty decent lingering girth gains from my clamping/pumping that lasts 24-72hours. UEG 5.0", BPEL 7.875"
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                              Extender 2.0-2.25” rods x 13 hr
                              clamping/pumping 45min

                              BPSFL 8.43" today which is another increase since yesterday despite no hanging. BPEL and UEG is unchanged though. Going to remove hanging from the daily routine as my intense extender use and nightly clamping/pumping is giving great results. My clamping/pumping work is pretty high in intensity, am getting close to 8.5" in the tube and my UEG is probably 0.5" higher by the end of the session (I need to get an exact measurement). BPSL in extender averaged 7.0" to 7.5" yesterday. I did 5 minutes of manuals and about 45 minutes of extender use after my clamping/pumping last night and felt a very high quality stretch during the manuals, I may start adding this in for my daily routine.