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  • Measurement Monday. I noticed that it's been 6 months since I started this log and figured I might as well do a quick then-and-now comparison:

    BPEL: 7.625”
    MSEG: 4.75”
    BEG: 5.25”

    BPEL: 8" (+0.375")
    MSEG: 5.125" (+0.375")
    BEG: 5.625" (+0.375")

    Slightly less than last week, as expected. I feel confident that 5.125" MSEG is my new normal. Obviously, I'm very happy with this result for just 6 months of work. I have my doubts that I can keep the gains coming at this rate, but if I did, that would mean that by next April, I could reach my goal of 8x5.5. That would be incredible, but I'm trying to keep my expectations in check. Still, these aren't newbie gains. I've been doing PE for a few years. These gains are from finally taking it seriously enough to make a plan and stay consistent.

    I'm having second thoughts on the air pump (again). I've found that more than 20 minutes even at low pressure is definitely counterproductive. It impacts my EQ and seems to increase my sensitivity. I keep nearing the PONR while doing PE, which is not normal for me. I could cut back on the pump, but honestly I think maybe I'll just put it away for now. I was doing fine without it.

    I'm also dialing it back on all stretching. I feel like any intense stretching leaves my dick looking sad and deflated, plus it often reacts my contracting a quarter inch or so, which is obviously the opposite of what I want. At this stage, it seems like light stretching keeps me at my optimal length, so I'll just do that. 5 minutes of stretches during my morning routine should do it.

    Essentially, back to the basics. Warm up, light stretch, jelqs and squeezes, Bathmate once a day. That seems to do it for me. I probably need to renew my focus on reverse kegels too. I feel like those helped with pre-e and possibly even growth.


    • I feel good about the decision to quit the air pump and cut back on stretching. My morning routine is just 30 minutes now, if you don't count the warm-up/down. It's super efficient and I'm feeling as good as ever. The morning routine is 30 minutes and the afternoon and evening routines are about 10 minuets each, so that means I'm giving around an hour a day to PE. It feels like the right balance between putting in enough work to make progress and dedicating more time than this actually deserves.

      I've also resumed my use of a cock ring. I still find that the biggest benefit comes from overnight use. Lots of midnight/morning wood. I doubt it does all that much during the day but it doesn't seem to hurt.

      My wife and I are basically friends at this point and it's actually okay. The resentment I used to feel over our (mostly) dead bedroom is gone. A lot has happened in our relationship. I may start dating other people, which is fine with her. No plans to divorce at this point and no ill will between us.

      Knowing that I'll be dating others, it's nice to have a slightly-above-average sized dick. Some women care about size, others not so much, but for me it's a confidence booster. Really looking forward to eventually hitting that 5.5" MSEG mark. I feel like that's the point at which I'll feel comfortable calling it "big".


      • Measurement Monday.

        BPEL: 8"
        MSEG: 5.25"
        BEG: 5.75"

        Nice measurement. I'm super busy right now but remaining consistent with the routine. My wife surprised me by initiating sex the other night. I got her off just fine but when it was my turn, I finished earlier than I wanted to. Barely got to enjoy the blowjob and basically ruined my own orgasm by trying to hold it back at the PONR. Fucking annoying. I'm chalking it up to external stress. Normally, I'd waste more time overthinking and feeling down about underperforming in bed, but I just don't have the energy to torture myself with that shit right now, which is a blessing.


        • The cock ring was working its magic last night and I woke up with some extra girth. After the morning routine, MSEG was somewhere between 5.375" and 5.5", which is a new high.

          I sometimes look at a strong post-workout measurement as a leading indicator that within the next couple weeks I might be seeing a higher normal weekly measurement. In this case, I'm hoping it means that I can make a 5.25" MSEG my new normal. I'd like to see at least a couple weeks in a row of 5.25".

          In July/August I started hitting a 5" MSEG consistently. In September, 5.125". In October, I've hit 5.25" twice but I'm not sure it's a consistent measurement quite yet. But if I'm getting about 1/8" of girth every month or two, that's ridiculous. I don't know if this rate is sustainable, but I'm sure as hell not going to make any significant changes to what I'm doing until progress stalls.


          • Originally posted by NumberSix View Post
            The cock ring was working its magic last night and I woke up with some extra girth. After the morning routine, MSEG was somewhere between 5.375" and 5.5", which is a new high.
            I just added the CR to my routine and I'm loving it so far. What kind did you get and how long do you wear it? Is it just cock or cock and ball?


            • Congrats on the progress! 1/8 of an inch in girth every month or two is insane.
              Start (5/23/20) BPEL: 5.1" MEG: 4.1"
              3/10/21 BPEL: 6.1" MEG: 4.375"


              • Originally posted by pokerone87 View Post

                I just added the CR to my routine and I'm loving it so far. What kind did you get and how long do you wear it? Is it just cock or cock and ball?
                I'm pretty sure the one I use is just a generic silicone ring off Amazon. Just a cock ring , no balls. The ring is flat, roughly 15mm long and has some curvature at the edges, which helps avoid putting any sharp corners in contact with my skin. The fit snug enough to stay firmly in place when flaccid and tighter when erect.

                I've been wearing this thing almost all the time without any ill effects. I take it off for showers and when doing my PE routine. Fit is really important -- absolutely gotta keep an eye on things when starting off to make sure you're not cutting off circulation. Honestly, I think the biggest impact comes from wearing it at night but I also like having it on when I go the gym because I feel like it helps avoid the shrinkage I normally experience while working out. Not sure it's doing much the rest of the time, but it doesn't seem to hurt either so I leave it on.


                • Originally posted by WaterBottleGoals View Post
                  Congrats on the progress! 1/8 of an inch in girth every month or two is insane.
                  Yeah, thanks. Not sure how long it will last but I'll ride the wave as long as I can.

                  I feel like the biggest game changer for me was realizing that for me, avoiding rest days actually works better. I'm sure others benefit from rest days but for whatever reason, I seem to have to keep doing PE every day in order to get results.


                  • Measurement Monday.

                    BPEL: 8"
                    MSEG: 5.25"
                    BEG: 5.75"

                    I'm psyched to see the same measurement as last week. Also, I feel like the 5.25" MSEG was a very solid measurement this week, even a bit conservative. I'm very happy with this.

                    Pretty soon I'll be taking a week-long vacation with my wife and I'll have less time to do PE. I haven't decided on whether to take the Bathmate or not but I suppose there's no reason not to. Those TSA agents have surely seen their fair share of sex toys while scanning luggage. I'll probably have time in the morning to do about 3 sets of my usual routine (100 jelqs and a 30 second squeeze), then I'll do another 3 sets before bed, so 600 jelqs per day total. I feel like my current momentum is tied to my consistency, so I'm going to do my best to avoid any days off.


                    • I hit 5.5" MSEG when measuring after my morning routine. I've been taking these quick, informal, post-routine measurements most days because I feel like it gives me an idea of how much expansion I'm achieving through my exercises.

                      That measurement doesn't necessarily mean anything concrete but I'll admit it felt great to momentarily achieve my 8" x 5.5" goal.

                      On a different note, the whole dysphoria thing is real. I mean, I found myself looking down at a solid 5.5" MSEG x 8" BPEL and thinking that it didn't look as thick as I'd imagined. In fact, I've found that as I've gained in girth but remained the same length, the length has looked less and less impressive to me as well. The truth is, I'll probably hit my goal someday and just keep going. Maybe I'll shoot for 6" x 9" or something.

                      I guess it's important to keep in mind that it may never look as big as I'd like. That's just my mind fucking with me. I've got to measure with numbers, not my eyes. At some point, my plan is to dial back the exercises, maybe just continue with a few hundred jelqs a day for maintenance and as far as sexual development goes, focus on other things like lasting longer, multiple orgasms, etc. There's a lot more to good sex than a big dick.


                      • When I wear the cock ring (which I'm now doing consistently), sometimes I wake up with massive morning wood. This morning was one of those times and I was able to take a measurement before I lost it. My MSEG was 5.75". Not a typo... 5.75" MSEG. I don't know if I get that even after pumping with the Bathmate. I measured a hour later and was still over 5.5". Wild.

                        So, if you're wondering whether wearing a cock ring at night can do anything, my experience is absolutely yes. If you like long-duration, passive exercises, then this is one to consider. As I've always said, testing the fit for safety is important before wearing it over any long period, particularly while sleeping.

                        I sleep for a solid 7-8 hours, so over that long period my dick is gradually expanding. Plus, I would assume that at night my body is healing, replacing damaged tissue, growing, so I wonder if doing so while in this expanded state is helping to cement that larger size. Maybe. Who knows.

                        In any case, my wife initiated sex a couple nights ago and my dick was finally willing to hang in there for the duration. We fucked for a good 1.5 hours and yes, my recent gains thanks to PE made a big difference. Although I'm not quite at my 5.5" MSEG goal, I feel like I'm already in the promised land. She can barely fit it in her mouth but it's amazing to watch her try. My new favorite part of PIV sex is now the ever-lengthening period of time that it takes her to gradually work my dick all the way in. My second favorite is the intimacy of slow sex and watching her cum during penetration. I feel like I can do so much more with my dick now. Manual and oral sex are still a big part of my game and always will be, but it's awesome to have a larger dick as well.

                        Keep working at it, guys. It can take years to reach your goals in PE but in my experience it's worth it.


                        • Measurement Monday.

                          During my 6 day trip, I did two sessions per day. In the morning I had time to use the Bathmate while showering and did 3 sets of 100 jelqs and 30-60 second squeezes. At night, I did another 3 sets. I wore the cock ring while sleeping but infrequently during the day. The overall quality of my sessions seemed lacking. I was a little rushed at times and I really missed being able to warm up before and warm down after. So... I've been sorta dreading this measurement because I feel like I might have halted my momentum or even reversed it. Well, here goes...

                          BPEL: 8"
                          MSEG: 5.25"
                          BEG: 5.5"

                          Hey, I'll take it. I'm not sure what's going on with my BEG but since I'm focused on MSEG right now, I'm happy to see that it's holding up. It was a strong 5.25" too. It's funny that I did basically no stretching during my trip and yet my length is unchanged. I'm glad that my BPEL has been so consistent but I also wonder if there's really anything I can do to change it. I'd still enjoy seeing another half inch or more added to that.

                          This log is mostly just me talking into a void and I appreciate that about it. I know it gets a few views and the occasional response but the general anonymity is welcome because I can write whatever I want.

                          So here's something I want to get off my chest. At some point, probably within a year, my wife and I will sell our house and move into separate spaces. Maybe in the same city, maybe significantly far apart. We don't have kids but we have two dogs that we're super attached to and I'm not sure how we'll resolve that if we move far apart.

                          We've been together almost 15 years and are deeply attached to each other but something was always a little off. Then a few years ago she said she was attracted to women so we opened the relationship up for her to date. She gradually became more certain that she wanted to live separately. Now I get the sense that for once in her life, maybe she needs complete independence. I think she just wants a clean start so she can figure out who she really is without her past dictating it to her.

                          It's all amicable and we're trying to navigate it together but I often go through my day feeling like I've been kicked in the gut. I know a lot of it isn't really about me but it's hard not to feel a profound sense of loss. I'm just trying to enjoy our life together while it's still intact but damn, it hurts at times.

                          What does this have to do with PE? Not a goddamn thing, except that it's pretty hard to will myself into a raging hard-on for my PE exercises when all this is going on. It's nice that I've had some recent success with PE, although it feels like a somewhat trivial (and perhaps ironic) consolation prize at times. But hey, right now I'll take a win where I can get it.

                          Anyways, if any other guys reading this are going through some relationship stuff, I feel you. Hang in there.


                          • Just so I'm not leaving anything out, I've been thinking I should clarify what I mean by a "squeeze" because that term doesn't really fully describe the exercise I'm doing. What I do varies a bit but here's a description:
                            1. Get fully hard, as close to 100% as possible.
                            2. Give it one last hard kegel and then apply a strong grip to the base with one hand. Doesn't matter which.
                            3. I tend to reverse kegel, then give it yet another strong kegel. Right as I kegel, I release my grip, force the extra blood into my dick with the kegel, then reapply the strong grip.
                            4. Sometimes to maximize the pressure, I slide my hard grip up just an inch or so and repeat step 3, using my other hand to grab behind the one I moved up.
                            5. I repeat this a few times until I can really see some expansion, very apparent veins, etc.
                            6. I hold it, occasionally repeating step 3 to maintain that maximum pressure.
                            7. Often but not always, towards the end of the squeeze as I'm losing a little pressure, I create some intense outward expansion by moving my grip up to mid-shaft and GENTLY bending my PARTIALLY expanded shaft. I focus on the part of that shaft that has the least girth, where I think my tunica is the toughest. Another method I use is to hold it mid-shaft and push down on the head, which creates intense outward expansion.
                            Hopefully that makes sense. All of this above, ESPECIALLY step 6 is relatively HIGH RISK. Do not fuck around with this sort of thing unless you've been doing PE for a while and know your limits. I seem to have a very tough tunica that can tolerate a lot of stress, so this stuff seems to help me break through that limitation. If your tunica isn't as thick, this might be too much and could cause injury.

                            Again, I want to be clear that this sort of thing -- specifically, applying manual stress like bending or pushing while even partially erect -- is how some guys cause serious and possibly permanent damage. This is information about what I do, not advice about what you should do. Be extremely careful when doing anything like this.

                            Anyways, one other note on the cock ring I've been using. I wear it almost 24/7 but have noticed that it seems optimal to take it off for about an hour or two twice a day. I find that this lets any slight edema clear out.

                            My routine is otherwise unchanged and I'm pretty optimistic that I miiight hit a solid 5.375" MSEG by the end of the year. That'd be a nice holiday gift.


                            • Measurement Monday.

                              BPEL: 8"
                              MSEG: 5.375"
                              BEG: 5.75"

                              Well, goddamn. Christmas comes early this year. If past is any indication of the future, there's a good chance I'll bounce around between 5.25" and 5.375" MSEG before holding the latter consistently. But this is a milestone. 5.5", I'm coming for you next.

                              I'll be traveling again tomorrow, visiting a friend until the end of the week. I have my own AirBnB so I expect to have two opportunities per day for my routine (morning and night). Morning will probably be my usual 6 sets of x100 jelqs and one minute squeezes plus the Bathmate. Night will probably be 3-6 sets, no Bathmate. This time I'm planning to bring the rice sock because I really like doing the warm-up and warm-down.

                              Nothing else to report. Dick getting bigger, life is a mess. That about sums it up.


                              • Wow just read all this. Great log great gains. In a similar relationship scenario as well..... And just wanted to say thanks for your log it's inspiring
                                start 7/1/21
                                BPEL 6"
                                EG 4.75