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    Measurement Monday:

    BPEL: 7.875"
    MSEG: 5"
    BEG: 5.375"

    Yup, still holding at that 5" MSEG for now. I wouldn't call that measurement cemented yet. Sometimes it comes in 1/16" below, sometimes slightly above. Before I measure, I do about 30 jelqs and a quick hold just to loosen up. I cool down for a minute or so after that, get myself hard, and then measure.

    It was an interesting weekend. Communication with my wife has improved dramatically. Unexpectedly, she gave me a blowjob on Saturday morning, which was great but I hadn't ejaculated in over a week, so I didn't last long. We've been so comfortable talking to each other lately, I let her know that I was frustrated with my own lack of control. She asked if it wasn't maybe just because of the infrequency of sex and I acknowledged that it could be that but it was hard to know. So... she offered to help me rule that out and said she'd give me another blowjob that night.

    Well, she followed up and I had almost no issues. We took turns going down on each other for... an hour maybe? When we switched to PIV, I had to stop for a quick second towards the beginning but after that, I was good to go for quite a while. I've noticed that happens sometimes. Anyways, it was a great night and a huge confidence booster.

    On a completely different note, my thoughts on porn have evolved a bit. Speaking only for myself, of course, I'm still against watching porn videos/pics on a screen (at least for now). However, I remember one good thing about porn was that it expanded my knowledge of what was possible in sex (albeit sometimes in a sorta fucked up, unrealistic way) and provided new and interesting fantasies. Since I'm not watching porn I've been looking for other, perhaps healthier, ways to feed my sexual fantasies.

    I'm on Reddit and I've found that there are several subreddits where people write about sex. Sex they've had, sex they want, sex they fantasize about... a lot of good stuff. It definitely gets my imagination going. Additionally, my wife has some explicit girl-on-girl comics that are surprisingly well written and I've been borrowing those. I'm not jerking off while reading any of this stuff. It just fuels my libido and imagination. Good times.


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      The wife and I will be out of town for a few days so this week's routine won't be entirely standard. I may be able to get in the full routine tomorrow (Thursday). With Friday, I'm thinking I'll skip the morning routine but may still have time to do my Bathmate/jelq routine. Maybe I'll even do the same on Saturday. I don't know. Aside from PE, I've been working my ass off lately and I have a feeling that once I'm in vacation mode, I'll just say fuck it. No big deal either way.

      My marriage has continued to benefit from a lot of communication and discussion about where we're going as a couple, the lifestyle we want together, etc. I don't know for sure where it's all leading but it's a hellofa lot better than where we were. Also, although we still don't have a lot of PIV sex, my wife has been receptive to more oral sex. Last night she was tired but willing, so I went down on her for a good 45 minutes and then finished myself off onto her tits.

      My prior experience with her seems to indicate that if I just clear the pipes on a regular basis (i.e. ejaculate every 2-3 days perhaps), my pre-e may be much less of an issue. Maybe a non-issue even. Hopefully she's willing to help me out with that, but I may need to handle it myself at times so that when we do have sex, I'm ready for it. Also, I'm taking advantage of our improved communication to ask a lot more about what she likes. She's been hesitant or maybe unsure of how to answer in the past but it seems like she's willing to give me more guidance these days, which is great. She gets more of what she likes and I get to improve my skills in bed.


      • #78
        Have I mentioned my no-caffeine experiment here? Well, I took about three weeks off from my morning coffee and any other caffeine. Not as bad as I thought but I didn't notice any particular benefit. I'm back to one (large) cup every morning now. Another things I haven't mentioned: I also microdose some mornings. But that's a topic for a different forum.

        So... the recent road trip altered my PE routine a bit. Thursday was the full bathmate routine that I usually do (20 min bathmate, 240 jelqs) but no morning routine. Friday was 15 min bathmate, maybe 120 jelqs. Saturday I did 15 min bathmate, just 60-ish jelqs. Sunday was full rest.

        Measurement Monday. I loosened up a little with 30 jelqs and a few seconds of holds but I things just didn't feel as loose as usual down there. Still...

        BPEL: 7.875"
        MSEG: 4.875"
        BEG: 5.375"

        BPEL was very close to 8". MSEG was almost 5" but a little less than the last couple weeks. This is the area that I think my tunica is tightest, so the slight loss makes sense. BEG was pretty much the same as usual.

        I've been waking up with more morning wood lately. Not sure why. My EQ during PE was so-so today. I'm kind of in a what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-with-my-life kind of mood right now. My marriage is confusing. I don't know what the fuck my wife wants. I'm working too much. I need more friends to get out of the house and hang with. I mean, I'm doing alright but holy shit I need a looong vacation from everything.


        • #79
          I've been quietly debating my schedule of days on/off (again) and wondering, are my rest days helping me grow?

          Lately, I've extended my stretching from 8 minutes to 10-12 minutes, I've been jelqing slower and harder, and holding my squeezes a bit longer too. At the end of a session, I sometimes feel a little sore but it goes away quickly. By the time I'm doing my next session, I'm ready to go. Actually, I've been getting more morning wood lately and sometimes I've had to stop jelqing mid-routine because my EQ is too high.

          In other words, I'm doing longer, more intense PE exercises and my PI's seem fine, perhaps even better than usual. So if everything is looking good, why change a thing, right? Well, I've been reading through going411by7's log where he describes a high-volume, no-rest routine that worked quite well for him. A lot of it was stretches and jelqing, similar to my routine.

          Anyway, I've been thinking that I might just do the Bathmate and jelq over the weekend. I don't really have time for the full routine on the weekend but I figure this might keep my dick in a conditioned state.

          I'll think about it. With my PI's looking this good, it sorta feels like an experiment worth trying.


          • #80
            It's Measurement Monday. Usually I loosen up with a few stretches/jelqs/holds for a couple minutes before measuring but I totally forgot this time. I realized my mistake after finishing my routine and so I took a post-routine measurement as well. Basically, the first measurement is conservative and the second one is a bit generous.

            BPEL: 7.75" (no warm-up), 8.125" (post-routine)
            MSEG: 5" (no warm-up), 5.125" (post-routine)
            BEG: 5.375" (no change)

            I'm really trying to focus on that MSEG, so 5-5.125" is great. I'll take that any day of the week. I didn't take my usual rest days this weekend, which may have helped. Here's what I did as best I can remember...

            Saturday: Bathmate 20 min, x240 relatively quick jelqs. Basically my normal Bathmate routine.
            Sunday: Wife was away so I indulged in a little extra. Bathmate 25(?) min, x360 quick jelqs, then later that evening x240 quick jelqs.

            It was fun to do the longer Bathmate session because I came out larger than usual, but I think my EQ would suffer if I did that regularly. The extra time may be useful once in a while, hard to know. 20 minutes is still my sweet spot for daily Bathmate use. I come out feeling big, pliable and in perfect condition for jelqing.

            As for jelqing, I do sets of 60 usually, and 6 sets (360 total) usually gets me that good feeling of enlargement and exhaustion, like a pumped muscle after exercise. But I feel like I can generally recover from that within 3-4 hours. If I had all the time in the world for it, I could probably do this three or more times a day.

            Back when I was overdoing it with the pumping, my EQ suffered and the gains seemed to be temporary. My routine was dominated by pumping with a little jelqing on the side. Now it's reversed and over the last few months I've worked my way up to a pretty high volume of jelqs. My EQ only seems to be getting better as I increase the volume. Hopefully the gradual gains will continue and cement.


            • #81
              I've been able to jelq 3 times a day for a couple days now. Morning, mid-day after using the Bathmate, and before bed (which is new). Each session has been 360 jelqs, mostly relatively quick, 1 second jelqs while roughly 50-80% erect. That means that for the last two days, I've been doing 1,080 jelqs a day, which is kind of nuts.

              My EQ is fantastic. In fact, last night I did my final 360 jelqs for the day and my wife wanted to have sex. I had no EQ issues at all. In fact, jelqing beforehand probably gave me some extra size. It was fantastic to feel her working it in while on top, trying to take it. Best of all, when she'd taken all she could, I still had a little left to give. I was worried it might hurt her but it seemed like she just kept trying to take more, even when it wouldn't go any deeper. I lasted long enough to tire her out a bit, but honestly I'd like to last longer. Ultimately, I want to have complete control over when I ejaculate.

              Did a quick measure today after my first session of the day and the MSEG is 5.125", which is great for me. I think I'm on to something here.


              • #82
                Day 3 of my 1080 jelqs a day routine. Maybe it's worth outlining what I'm actually doing day-to-day:

                • Rice sock warm-up for 10 minutes
                • Bundled stretches for 12 minutes. To bundle, I rotate my dick 180 degrees and do 45 seconds up, down, left, right. Then rotate the other direction 180 degrees and repeat. Then repeat everything with a full 360 degree rotation.
                • I do a total of 360 jelqs and about 12 minutes of squeezes. I do 60 jelqs, helicopter a few seconds, 60 more jelqs, then squeezes for about 4 minutes. For the squeezes, I hold them as long as I can and I also bend and work my dick around at different angles.
                • Rice sock warm-down for 10 minutes

                • Bathmate for 20 minutes
                • 360 jelqs total in 60 jelq sets, helicoptering between.

                • 360 jelqs total in 60 jelq sets, helicoptering between.

                I tend to jelq with a tight grip. I try to get my erection to the point where it's as full as possible without being too hard to fully squish as I jelq. That's where I notice the best feeling of pressure.

                I've almost doubled the number of jelqs I do in a day, compared to my usual routine. Also, I'm planning to keep doing at least the afternoon and night portions of the routine on the weekends (which used to be rest days for me). I feel like reading going411by7's experience sorta gave me permission to just jump into this high-volume routine and see what happens. So far, it's been great. I feel energized and I've got great EQ. Even if this doesn't end up making me grow any faster, it's already worth it.

                Edit: I initially forgot to include the bundled stretches in the morning. Worth noting, since I've been doing this 1080 jelqs routine, I'm having trouble doing a full 360 rotation for bundled stretches. I'm not hard at all when I do them but my dick seems more engorged in general, which makes bundling harder to do. Seems like a good problem to have plus I really feel it when I'm bundling, more so than before.
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                  Measurement Monday. I'm doing the usual rice sock warm-up for 10 minutes or so and loosening up with a few quick stretches, jelqs and holds for 2 minutes. Okay, here goes...

                  BPEL: 8"
                  MSEG: 5"
                  BEG: 5.5"

                  Well, alright. Some variations from the norm but mostly as expected. I took a quick measure of MSEG after my morning routine and it was 5.125" for what that's worth.

                  This past week was unusual in that I was able to do my full morning/afternoon/night routine the whole week. Normally my time is limited on Sat/Sun but not this week. The slightly extra volume didn't magically inflate my dick to epic proportions, however I did find that it held up perfectly well without the usual break or reduction in volume. Naturally, I take note of how it's feeling before each exercise and adjust the intensity.

                  I notice that the first few jelqs... maybe the first 30-ish always have a certain different feeling about them. It's hard to describe; it's kind of a tingling feeling like when you're first stretching a muscle. I go more lightly for these first few. I figure that what I'm feeling is the exercise breaking through my dick's attempt to contract back to its original dimensions. Does that make sense? I'm not sure. It's just a wild guess but I'm interested to see what happens over the next several weeks (or months) now that I'm doing this three times a day.


                  • #84
                    1080 jelqs a day is my new religion. I think that spacing them out into three sessions a day is as important as the volume because it keeps me conditioned. I've never had much trouble with turtling but I've always felt like my dick quickly tries to return to its previous dimensions and this frequency works against that tendency.

                    After today's morning routine, I did a quick informal measure of my MSEG and it was somewhere between 5.125" and 5.25". I'm sure this is just a temporary post-workout pump but it's better than I've seen from past post-morning-workout measurements.

                    I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm gradually approaching 40 years old (I'm 37 now) and find myself setting a lot of "by the time I'm 40" type goals. I want to be in the best shape of my life by 40, have a more active social life by 40, build on certain hobbies/skills by 40. And of course I've thought about PE in these terms. I'm not entirely sure what's realistic by 40, but a very satisfying measurement would be 8.5" x 5.5". I think that might be do-able if I keep at it.


                    • #85
                      I'm reading through Hydeaway85's success log and I see that he's also doing 1000 jelqs a day. It's just more confirmation that this approach works for at least some of us.

                      I think I lost count and did 480 jelqs instead of my usual 360 this morning. Could have done more but I'm still trying to limit my morning routine to an hour max. On the bundled stretches, I've increased that portion of the morning routine to 15 minutes. I find myself focusing more on maximum rotation, starting at 360 degrees and working up to 540 if possible. I'm less focused on a hard pull than the rotation. My intent with this is to work on the tunica more than the ligaments since my focus is on girth rather than length at this point. Hopefully that makes sense.

                      For the last month (at least), I've been de-prioritizing kegels and working more on my control over relaxing those muscles by stretching my groin, doing light RK's, and generally trying to catch myself when IK's happen. I mostly do this when I think of it throughout the day; can't really devote more time than I already do to PE. At some point I'll up my kegel game and strengthen those muscles. MMO's are a long-term goal of mine.


                      • #86
                        I've been able to do my full routine this weekend, just like the last. This time I'm upping it to 4 sets of 100 jelqs, three times a day (1200 total). Still seeing very positive PI's. I'm getting wood throughout the night and in the morning. Makes me wonder how many jelqs I could do in a day.

                        I'm a big fan of doing that last set of jelqs before bed. I'm doing quick jelqs so it only takes me about 10 minutes to get 400 done. The only thing that slows me down at times is that I get too hard and need to settle down. Big bonus: when my wife wants to have sex at night, my cock is ready to go with that extra post-jelq volume.

                        By the way, if anybody reading this is worried that giving up porn will diminish their EQ or wreck their libido, well... everybody's different but I can say for sure that both EQ and libido are great for me right now. And this is hard to describe but the sexual energy I feel now is like a smoother high. Watching porn frequently had me turned on all the time but also very agitated, even if I allowed myself to ejaculate. The tension was always there and it never felt like I could get enough of a release to feel fully at ease. I feel more at ease now and I think I owe it to all the changes I've made over the last several months.


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                          Measurement Monday. Gave myself the usual warm-up, light-exercises, and a good hard-on.

                          BPEL: 7.875"
                          MSEG: 5.125"
                          BEG: 5.5"

                          Well goddamn, that wasn't a cheap 5.125" MSEG either. I'll take the slight loss on BPEL for the noticeable gain on MSEG. It's often the case for me that when I get an above-average girth measurement, my length measures a tad bit lower.

                          Last night was one of those times when I had the pleasure of going right from a set of jelqs into sex. I can usually gauge how much girth I've got by wrapping my fingers (thumb to index) around the middle of my cock. When I'm actually about to have sex with my wife, I think my dick sorta knows it and steps it up a bit. Definitely the case last night. I spent a lot of time warming her up and when she finally climbed on, it was a tight fit initially. I think my new favorite part of sex is feeling her relax and loosen up inch by inch until I reach the back of her. After that, she usually just grinds the hell out of it. I can only assume the slight increase in size is working for her and honestly I can't fucking wait to give her as much girth as she can take. She's petite and it's a real treat to fill her up.

                          One minor thing I've hoped to improve but am not sure I've mentioned here is the strength of my ejaculations. My volume is fine (could be better) but what annoys me is how it usually just dribbles out when I come. I know, I know, this is total vanity but still... I'd like to ejaculate a big load and have it shoot out with a bit of velocity. I mention this now because last night when I pulled out to ejaculate, I actually got some of that distance I'm after. I'm not sure if it's related to my EQ or something else. I started taking celery seeds with my other supplements in the morning, but I only just took my first dose yesterday morning and it's kinda hard to believe that celery seeds would produce results the very same day. Who knows.

                          The next two weeks might be a little different in terms of PE because I'll be on the road for part of this week and then camping part of next week. I'll see if I can continue with 1000+ jelqs a day during that time but there may be some days that I can't, particularly for the camping part of it.


                          • #88
                            Well goddamn... I did a quick post-routine measurement and MSEG was 5.25". I don't think I've seen that measurement before (except after pumping, of course).

                            I'm going to credit the high volume of jelqs, some previously discussed adjustments to my bundled stretching technique, and last but not least my wife. She's been a lot more physical lately and it's getting me hard all the time.


                            • #89
                              We're on a roll this week and each time it seems like our sex gets longer and more intense. I feel like this is a great boost to my PE, plus I've been gaining more control over my arousal and ejaculation now that I'm getting more practice.

                              My wife always said that my dick is wonderful and doesn't need to be any bigger, and I certainly appreciate her telling me that. However, it's as big now as it ever has been and it's obvious that she really loves feeling it all the way insider her. She likes to grind and work it in until it won't go any further. In some positions, the length is perfect; I like it when she can't quite take all of it. In other positions, I fee like I could use an extra 1/2"... a full 1" extra might be okay. As for girth, I'm pretty sure that 5.5" is going to be fine for her. I very much look forward to seeing how she can handle that (and maybe more).


                              • #90
                                Measurement Monday. While traveling, there were a couple days when I used the Bathmate for shorter periods and skipped my bundled stretches and squeezes. However, on those days I made up for it with more jelqs. Let's see where I'm at...

                                BPEL: 8"
                                MSEG: 5.125"
                                BEG: 5.5"

                                A little extra length but I was juuust at 5.125" MSEG. More or less the same as last week, which is fantastic because it suggests that last week's MSEG measurement wasn't just a fluke. I'll be quite happy to hold the line at 5.125" MSEG for now.

                                Two weeks ago I was at 5" MSEG. Just a month ago, I was still bouncing around between 4.875" and 5". Obviously, what I've been doing is working at least in the short term. Whether these gains are temporary or somewhat cemented remains unknown but I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.

                                The primary change I've made is to focus on high-volume jelqing. I've stopped taking days off. A lot of the time I'm also jelqing harder and with more of an erection, which is advisable only if you're well conditioned and even then do it with caution. As previously mentioned, my bundled stretches also focus more on the twisting motion and less on the outward pull.

                                I suppose the other more recent change is that my wife has suddenly found a renewed interest in sex. I've probably erred on the side of oversharing in some previous posts so I'll keep it brief here. It's been rough. Emotionally, my wife has been all over the place and our marriage has been in a state of extreme uncertainty. Personally, I got to place where I had to let go and accept all possible outcomes. I decided to focus on my own social life for a while, work hard building my business, and accept that I might find myself flying solo for the first time in over a decade. And then... I don't know what happened. Over the last couple weeks, my wife has been more physically affectionate, she wants sex every other night or so, and she frequently talks about our future in the context of us. It's a positive change but also a confusing one. I have no idea what's coming next. Working on myself, including PE, has been a good way to stay grounded.