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    Yep, girth is the main goal. It's always been a challenge for me but I'm making gradual progress. I'm willing to be patient as long as I'm gaining.

    I'm near my 8" goal for length and as long as I'm doing PE, I'll probably continue to do stretches until I hit 8.5". Beyond that, I feel like the extra length could be more of a liability than an asset. And really, if this is it for length, I'm cool with that. Anything beyond what I've got now is icing on the cake.

    I'm starting this week with a few adjustments to the routine...

    I've been warming up and warming down for at least 10 minutes with the rice sock. I've come to appreciate the benefits of pre and post-PE heat application. I really feel like it helps all around.

    I still stretch for about 5 minutes and then get loose with 5 minutes of jelqing, stimulation, maybe a couple quick holds, etc. Doesn't really matter -- the goal is just to get loose and flexible before I clamp.

    Today I did 2 sets of clamping for 15 minutes each. Felt totally fine after but I'll keep an eye on it since this is an overall increase in volume.

    Still doing Fire Goat Rolls between everything and, as noted above, I'm ending it with a nice long warm down. Still doing tuck and sit stretches, Kegels, RKs and tennis ball whenever possible.

    I tried 25 minutes in the Bathmate the other day and felt it was too much. 20 minutes is my absolute max right now.

    Still no porn. Solid EQ. All systems go.


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      I've been overloaded with work the last couple days. Yesterday, despite the usual morning wood, I felt like my EQ was sub-par after two 15 minute sets of clamping. I think it's just the stress, not really a PI. When I don't have porn to fall back on and my mind is work-mode, it's hard to get a raging boner on demand. Regardless, it seemed like a good reason to skip pumping that day. Today is a rest day and I think I'll make it a truly hands-off rest day. No pumping, no stretching, nada. I'll just focus on taking care of business today so I can start tomorrow with less stress, fewer distractions, and adequate rest.


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        Wow that's great you got up to the 8" length. I would like to get to there before working on girth more. How long did it take you? I forgot if I already asked.


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          I think I first started PE around 2 years ago and I was super lucky on length. I think I got my first 1" (6.5" -> 7.5") within the first 6 months. I think I just had tight ligs that were ready to be stretched and a lot of inner penis ready to be pulled out. I noticed that before I started, my erection pointed up, like at a 10-11 o'clock angle. After the gains, it was more like 9 o'clock, which I kinda prefer. No EQ problems, just longer ligs. The next 1/4" took another year and a half. These days I'm usually around 7.75" BPEL when I've been doing a regular routine, but on a good day sometimes I can touch 8". When I take a long break, it goes back to just under 7.75". I'm hoping to push that baseline up to 8" in the long run. I measure standing up, pressing the ruler in firmly. I'm pretty lean and don't have much of a fat pad so my measurements may be generous.

          Anywho, Wednesday was a rest day all around. No PE (including a break from pumping), I shortened my workout, and caught up with work. Yesterday (Thursday) was back to usual, two 15 min clamps, 20 min pump. I felt distracted during the clamping and my EQ was meh.

          Today I put some effort into actually focusing on PE and nothing else. My reward was a better EQ, less frustration, and because I was more relaxed, I felt like the enjoyable sensations I felt were more less localized in my penis and more body-wide, if that makes sense. Clearly this is something I need to build on and pursue because it's the kind of state I want to be in when I'm actually having sex.


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            I'm continuing to pump about 20 minutes per day, including "off" days. 20 minutes gets me a reasonable amount of expansion with limited edema/donut effect. Also, I've noticed that stretching (carefully) and fire goat rolls after pumping really seems to help reduce edema.

            In the past, I've tried longer/multiple sessions with both the Bathmate and a LeLuv air pump. It could be kind of addicting both in terms of the sensation and the temporary results. It felt like having a fantastic hard on, plus I could work my way up to an impressive size. But really it was mostly edema, the results were temporary, and my EQ would suffer. Since then, I've learned to limit my use.

            I feel like my muscles have finally started to learn how to do a proper reverse kegel, which is good because I think my pelvic floor is super tight. I love the feeling of a strong kegel, but I've grown to appreciate the importance of strong reverse kegel as well. I'm still learning how all this works and how it might improve my control over ejaculation, but I'm enjoying the increased control over my pelvic floor muscles.

            My ever-evolving M-Tu-Th-F routine is now something like this:

            - I journal and meditate in the morning, so I usually work in a few tuck and sit stretches while sitting.
            - Later, I warm up with a rice sock for 10 minutes and stretch for a few minutes. I often use the rice sock as a fulcrum for stretching.
            - x100 Jelqs at 40-70% erection, fire goat roll after.
            - Two sets of 15 minutes clamp, stimulating, kegeling, reverse kegeling during, fire goat rolls after.
            - Re-heat the rice sock and warm down after.
            - Later, after my workout, I shower and use the Bathmate for 20 minutes, do manual stretches for 5 minutes after, and end with some fire goat rolls

            That's about it. Feeling healthy and a lot less stressed compared to last week. Still trying to just focus on PE while I'm doing it. No porn, no other distractions.


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              Same as yesterday except I upped it to: 100 jelqs / 15 minute clamp / 100 jelqs / 15 minute clamp / 100 jelqs. This feels like a solid workout to me. Even with the extra volume, I've got a great EQ at the end. I guess time will tell if I'm overdoing it, or if this is the kind of work I need to do in order to stimulate growth. Hopefully the latter, though I know better than to expect immediate results. I'll have to judge my workout by feel in the short term, then check that against the long-term results. Gotta have patience with this stuff.


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                Great EQ this morning but it feels a little fatigued so I'm glad it's an off-day. I'm still doing tuck-and-sits and Bathmate later.

                I'm still not watching porn right now. With a little distance from it, I've been thinking about my relationship to porn, porn-adjacent stuff, and how I want to relate to it. It's easy to name a couple of ways that I don't want to relate to it.

                I don't want to watch porn compulsively and frequently. I've been in that cycle of getting that dopamine hit, building tolerance, needing a bigger hit, and so on. It's a hollow feeling. And when I'm in that zone, I honestly stop appreciating and enjoying women and sex. When I'm subconsciously waiting for the next dopamine hit from porn, my mind gets in the way of enjoying anything else. Rather than directly experiencing sex, I'm up in my head watching it like a video. Rather than appreciating women, I'm fighting off intrusive thoughts about sex. In fact, it's harder to enjoy anything in this state because my mind distracted by the anticipation of that next fix.

                On the other end of the spectrum, I'm not really interested in creating absolute rules or taboos around porn. I grew up Catholic and have since gladly parted ways with all the rules, discipline, guilt and judgement I encountered. I'm really not trying to erase everything erotic from my life or avoid sexuality; that's not it at all.

                I don't know. I'll have to think about this some more. For now, I feel fantastic. At times, it feels like I've reclaimed some sexual energy that I didn't realize I'd given up. I'm not getting those heavy dopamine hits but it's more of a steady flow. I'm not sure if any of this is relatable but it's helpful for me to write it down.


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                  Current M-Tu-Th-F routine: Warm up, brief stretch, 100 jelqs, 15 min clamp, 100 jelqs, 15 min clamp, 100 jelqs, warm down. Kegel/RK during clamping. Tuck-and-sit stretches when possible. Bathmate 20 min/day (every day). I've been forgetting to do the fire goat rolls lately.

                  There are a couple books I've been thinking of pulling from the shelf. First, The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. I've read it but I like to reread his stuff once in a while. Second, The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams. I got this one years ago, just before I started PE, I think. Basically, I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with it and gave up. Seems like now would be the time to try this again since it's been a few years, I know my body a little better, and I'm on a break from porn. I'd like to read more in general, so here's an opportunity to work on several goals at once.


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                    I'm loving your routine NumberSix (btw, is that an Austin Powers refernece in any way?). Your routine sounds a lot like what I am planning on moving towards except I will swap air pumping in where you are doing clamping. When are you planning on measuring next? I'm really interested in how your girth gains go.

                    I'm glad that you haven't been watching porn. I tend to think overuse of porn affects us similarly to overuse of drugs, where our brains get used to that dopamine rush that is created by artificial means, which may make real life/real sex less interesting and could causes a lower libido over time. Like you said, porn is in no way evil but if you have a personality where a little use quickly turns in to a lot of use then maybe abstaining is the smarter move.
                    Starting (2/1/21):
                    BPEL: 6.25"
                    MSEG: 4.5"
                    BEG: 4.75" (5/1/21)

                    Current (7/1/21)
                    BPEL: 7.125" (+ 0.875")
                    MSEG: 5.125" (+ 0.625")
                    BEG: 4.9375"

                    BPEL: 7.5"
                    MSEG: 5.5"
                    BEG: 5.5"


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                      NumberSix (and my profile pic) refers to The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, a TV series that aired in 1967 (well before my time). It's about an ex-intelligence agent who is abducted and taken the "Village" where the people who run it repeatedly try to break his will in order to extract information. It's a bizarre and fantastic show but probably not everybody's cup of tea. They did a remake of it in 2009 but it sucked. Interestingly, McGoohan's other (more popular) show called Danger Man (renamed Secret Agent in the US) was one of the inspirations for the Austin Powers parody, so you're not far off.

                      Thanks, glad you like the routine. I'm cautiously optimistic. Air pumps are fun to use and more convenient than the Bathmate for sure. The only reason I'm opting for the Bathmate instead is that it seems to give me less edema.

                      I've been debating how to actually do a valid measurement. My most recent starting measurement was done after a week of rest, which I feel gives me my most honest "cemented" measurement. I may do that again to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison but I'm not sure when I'll be taking that kind of break.

                      Just to give you some sort of answer, I measured a few minutes after finishing my jelq/clamp routine this morning and it was just over 7.75" BPEL, a solid 5.5" BEG, and just under 5" MSEG. That is a generous, definitely-not-official measurement and I think most of it can be attributed to the fact that I'm actively doing PE. I suspect my cemented measurement is going to take a while to change but as long as I'm moving in the right direction, it's all good.
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                        Made a few adjustments to my routine today and I think I like it. Changes are in bold:

                        - Warm up (5-10 min)
                        - Stretch (5 min)
                        - x3 set of the following:
                        - Air pump (5 min)
                        - Jelq (x100)
                        - Clamping (10 min)- Warm down (5-10 min)

                        In short, I added x3 sets of air pumping and changed my clamping routine from x2 sets of 15 min to x3 sets of 10 min. I don't think I was seeing much benefit from clamping longer than 10 minutes at a time. I Kegel/RK during both the air pumping and clamping. With this additional pumping, I may also cut back on the Bathmate.

                        I've wanted to add the air pump back in to my routine but it used to give me edema. I've fixed that by limiting single sessions to 5 minutes at 5-7hg. I like the small but noticeable additional expansion I get from adding the air pump. By the end of the routine, it's got a little extra heft. It's important to allow a little time after pumping so that my erection can return to the 40-70% range that's best (and safest) for jelqing. I also start the jelqing process slowly. An extra benefit of doing it in this order is that I think jelqing helps remove edema.

                        The only apparent downside of this revised routine is that it takes me over an hour to complete. And because I'm trying to focus solely on PE while I'm doing it, it's not like I'm using that time to multitask. For now, I enjoy it so much that I don't really care, plus when I'm done I feel pretty energized. Also, it helps that I'm self-employed and control my own schedule.


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                          The new core routine feels solid. I've been trying some other stuff that's worth mentioning but I feel a bit scattered this morning so I'll try to organize my thoughts. Sorry in advance for the long post but here goes...

                          Post-Bathmate Routine

                          I'm no longer going to stretch or do fire goat rolls after the Bathmate. They're good for reducing edema but they also drain the blood out and reverse the pumping effect. So....

                          After using the Bathmate, my goal is to,
                          • Reduce edema, i.e. the fluid between the outside of the tunica and the skin.
                          • Maintain the pumping effect, i.e. the blood that's been pulled into the tissues within the tunica.

                          Here's what I'm experimenting with:
                          • After the Bathmate, I allow my erection to subside a little, then do x100 jelqs. GENTLY. This isn't really about exercising the smooth muscle, it's more about the massaging effect it has on the outside. I really think this helped move the edema out. Afterwards, I gave myself an erection and could see my veins clearly. When the puffy texture is gone and I can see my veins, that tells me the edema is gone.
                          • After jelqing, I slip on a cock ring. Sizing is everything. I use a cock ring that allows for normal blood flow when I'm flaccid (without falling off) and is comfortable but firm after pumping or when I have an erection.

                          I also find that doing this leaves me with a massive dick for a short while, so I just let it hang out of my underwear's fly (or go commando) to avoid discomfort and compression. After a little while, it'll return to normal-ish size and I can tuck it away.

                          Cock Ring

                          I want to emphasize that this is NOT first time I've done any of this. I'm reporting on what I did; I am not recommending this to anyone else. With long-term cock ring wear, get the right fit, err on the safe side, check often, don't wear it overnight until you've thoroughly tested the fit. Loss of blood circulation is very very bad.

                          That said, I put the cock ring on after my Bathmate session (see above) and just kept it on for the rest of the day. I decided to keep it on overnight and woke up to some ridiculous morning wood. I took it off in the morning but put it back on after today's usual core routine.

                          The results? It's noticeably bigger. My EQ is a little lower -- just a bit more difficult than usual to get as hard as I like during my routine. Edema is minimal so far. I'll keep experimenting with this.


                          Lastly, I was searching for something topical that might help with the discoloration and saw Aloe Vera come up. Since I've got a bottle of that already, I figured I'd start applying it. I've got some crappy Walgreens stuff, not the 100% Aloe kind, and it dries a little sticky so it's not great as a jelqing lube. I've ordered some good stuff that has Aloe Vera as well as Manuka Honey and some other stuff.

                          I've also ordered some lotion with Kojic Acid in it but I plan to try it with extreme caution. I'll do a light spot application near the base, then I'll give it a few days to monitor for any side effects. It seems relatively safe, but hey, it's my dick we're talking about here. My primary concerns are skin irritation and increased sensitivity.

                          ...Anyways, that's it for now. I swear my posts just keep getting longer. Hope this is of value to somebody. Have a good weekend, guys.


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                            Today is an off-day but I wanted to make quick post. I'm keeping the cock ring on pretty much all the time (including while I sleep) and here's what I'm noticing:

                            Morning wood is just insane. This morning when I woke up it was almost as big as it gets right after using the Bathmate, which is nuts. I don't keep a measuring tape near my bed but I tried measuring myself a few minutes after getting up and my MSEG was just under 5.5", which is crazy big for me. Edema is minimal, so it's not just that. So yeah, just leaving the cock ring on overnight is my new favorite passive PE exercise. Really, it's a great way to start the day in general. It feels fantastic and it's a nice ego boost.

                            The post-Bathmate routine (x100 jelqs, then put on the cock ring) is still great. Keeps it pumped for a bit. Minimal edema.

                            Lastly, when wearing the cock ring throughout the day, I feel like my dick's default flaccid size is just... bigger. Like, it's always just a tiny bit larger than it would typically be. I don't think it's just edema but it's hard to tell.

                            That's all. I know these are just temporary gains but maybe with time and the usual exercises I can turn them into cemented gains.


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                              Here's my take on the aloe vera gel and kojic acid lotion, now that I've tried both... the aloe is thick, good consistency for jelqing at first but gets a little sticky as you work it in. Dries okay, not really sticky after a few minutes. The kojic acid lotion is a thin consistency but basically like any other lotion. I used a tiny bit yesterday and my dick didn't fall off or catch fire, so today I used a bit more during my core PE routine. Maybe some minor irritation but nothing alarming. I'll keep experimenting with both to decide if/how/when to use them.

                              Other than marinating my dick in these gels/lotions, no breaking news to report. I still do some tuck-and-sits in the morning but I've been stretching less overall. I like the thickness I get from the cock ring and I find that stretching sorta drains it out. Unexpectedly, I measured a full 8" after my core PE routine this morning, so I guess less is more? I feel this isn't the first time I've noticed a longer measurement after cutting back on the stretching.

                              Still no porn. I often fantasize in order to get hard and sometimes I try to recall something I remember from porn but... it's like those neural pathways are sorta fading away a bit. I think that's a good thing but it leaves me wondering... like, okay, so I don't have porn, and now I'm losing my porn-related memories, so... I guess I've got to carve out some new pleasure pathways in my brain.
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                                I'm taking a break from my beloved tuck-and-sit stretches, at least for a little while. I'm just curious to see what happens overall if I stay focused on girth exercises. Additionally, I'm increasing my air pump sets from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Between this and the cock ring, I can tell that I'm expanding to a larger girth during the exercises. It's highly motivating.

                                No ill effects from the kojic acid lotion so I'm just using it as my go-to lube for my core routine. At the same time that I'm trying to lighten my dick's color, I'm also sunbathing naked to darken my overall skin tone. I have a balcony with a visual barrier, so I'm able to strip and tan out there for a few minutes most days.

                                I'm applying the aloe vera gel after my routine. Today's PE felt like a solid workout but my EQ was good throughout.