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Dannyjuice- making long, thick and juicy🤣🤣

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  • Dannyjuice- making long, thick and juicy🤣🤣

    Hey all! New member as of today! I recently stumbled across this site after hearing 2 kids at my construction site talking about jelqing. I asked what in the f*** is that. Obviously there was skepticism on my part a little, I thought if anyone can get a bigger dick why wouldnt everyone do this or know about it. I read some of the forums and coming from a bodybuilding background everything sounded really feasible to me. I'm trying it I thought. My start date was April 18/2020 , I read how to measure BPEL did so, didnt take any other type of measurements because I was new and didnt care

    Entry 1///
    April 18 2020
    BPEL 6 5/8" , EG: unknown, BPFL : unknown, FG: unknown , BPSFL : unknown

    From here I stuck entirely to JP90s routine for beginners, with the jelq and v-jelq so on. I did this for 3 weeks maybe taking 2 rest days in that time, for me I didnt feel any effects of overtraining persay, some days my dick would be a little tired and twice in the first week of training if I tugged on it abit it would actually be the slightest physically sore. A gain of 1/4" BPEL, didnt take any other measures at the time.

    May 9 2020
    BPEL 6 7/8 " , EG: unknown, BPFL: unknown, FG: unknown, BPSFL: unknown
    * quarter inch gain, extremely hard morning wood again that I had been a thing of the past I think since I hit 30ish basically(34 now), I know I still woke up with them alot but once I piss and walk for a second they were gone, now they last most of the drive to work. Work in camp away from home so see my girl for a week every 3 weeks, sex was amazing, my dick was swollen, felt amazing , higher sensitivity. We kinda did some start stop stuff just the way it went which led to a way larger than normal ejaculation with 3 or 4 with distance. When lying on back waiting for a clean up towel she came back in and said "woah why is it so big right now". All positives

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    Entry 2///
    Since my 3 week success and the 1/4 gain( I didnt measure once till that moment because I learned in bodybuilding to not measure to constantly and focus on the work, negative results being focused or weight or the ruler) I was really pumped that yes this indeed actually works! I have focused a little harder on my PE goals and used it as motivation to clean up some unhealthy life style choices. I cut my smoking down 90% over the next 3 weeks till today having maybe 1 or 2 a day. I already eat healthy and work construction and train in the gym, I drink a lot of water. During this period I added some supplements arginine and B complex that are apparently good for PE along with prostate ones and pygeum and stuff for more 💦😏. I went out and bought the bathmate and I have incorporated some stretches and girth exercises because I felt I was ready to move on from JP90. From may 9 till now may 28th I have Increased another 1/4 in BPEL. I also took my first measurements for various others.
    My routine in this period consisted of pretty sporadic free workouts, one thing I did stick to was alternating days between. JP90 and a stretch routine with Ulls inbetween. Stretch day was mostly Astretches and side to side for reps. Roughly 200-300 side to sides

    For both variable days I would warm up in shower. Do 3 sets light jai stretch, 3 sets slow crank stretch, helicopters between all stretches. At this point a 5 min light bathmate pump. Then I would complete my work out of either JP90 or my stretch day. Following the workout a roughly 5-10 min moderate to high pressure bathmate pump. Helicopter shake for fresh blood then a cock ring for 20 mins or so

    May 28/2020
    BPEL 7 1/8" , EG 6" , BPFL 5 3/4", FG 5 1/4" , BPSFL 7 3/8"

    On my way tomorrow to see my lady friend see if she notices a difference


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      Welcome to the forum & good idea to start a log and taking measurements. I stumbled on PE too a year ago and was amazed at how fast it grew. You've got awesome natural girth, and starting length is great.

      I also work in the construction business and have been bodybuilding for years. I think bodybuilders in general are successful with PE because they have a solid training/eating regiment and are dedicated to training.

      Do you have any PE goals? IE. wanting more length, girth, just better EQ? Maybe think about that and tailor your routine to that. Anyway, welcome to the site man best of luck to you.
      Start: 5/28/2019 BPEL - 6.25, EG - 4.75
      Current:10/1/2021 BPEL - 7.5, EG - 5.625


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        I just got on here yesterday and madyogi replied to my beginning thread and told me to hop on here and log and it's a great idea. I agree with putting the bodybuilding mindset to this may have great results. I was 165 pound kid and at my biggest was 265 at 5'11 , maybe 10% body fat, I've since laid off because of the time and I was making unhealthy choices to attain this forum is great. I've always worried about the thickness of my soldier because of an ex without me asking said it's perfect length I just wish it was alot thicker. That shit scares you and you tend to dwell on it! I think a small bit of insecurity leads everyone here but fuck does it build confidence having better EQ and size. Hooked. I'll log the process and fruits of labour. Happy PEing


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          Entry 3//
          Since last entry I have worked my way up to 5.5 HG in the pump for 20 mins a day, unclear if its unsafe to gradually build up the pressure from here, slowly of course. Definitely feel like my unit could handle more. Manual work has consisted of alternating between jp90 and other day , 10 sets A-stretch for 30 seconds, 2 sets each direction for a 1 minute stretch, 100 side to sides, 5 squeeze, 5 Ull with kegels. 2 to 3 times a week edging with a cockring. Up a 1/4 " in length for 3 consecutive measurements lightly pushing ruler to pelvic bone. 6 5/8- 7 3/8 since April 22nd, solid 3/4 gain in 2 months. Wondering where to go from here, feel conditioned and string to go harder at it. Maybe up the volume? Multiple sessions daily? Work up the HG in the pump, or possibly take the plunge into hanging and stretching


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            Originally posted by Dannyjuice View Post
            I've always worried about the thickness of my soldier because of an ex without me asking said it's perfect length I just wish it was alot thicker. That shit scares you and you tend to dwell on it!
            Based on your current progress I would assume you were no smaller than 5.5 girth starting out! Seems you had a size queen on your hands, but did you a favor considering you ended up here I think it's awesome that your journey has included cutting down on unhealthy habits that will help your body as a whole. Keep up the strong work my friend... and happy gainz
            Start 5/18
            6.6 x 4.5

            1 Year Goal
            7.25 x 5


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              Make sure you say thanks to those kids that were talking about jelqing, and got you curious.
              It is a bit intimidating to share about it.
              Valued Member of 11 years at the PEGym
              Looks are deceiving, mirrors don't lie.


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                Haha you bet dangler, haha I think they had just found out themselves. Weve been bullshitting once and awhile about it haha, it's fun to talk about, told some friends the gains but they laughed it off and then I didnt go into detail. But if they wanna be stuck with their normal dicks so be it Haha, I'll be gaining away


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                  Thanks here4thegainz, I appreciate it. This is a really great supportive community! I think all of us have suffered from some sort of anxiety about penis size, myself included even starting above average. But do to porn and some womans words it's a stress. I feel alot happier and confident with what I have since becoming a member and it's made some positive mental changes as well as some good health ones quitting smoking and so on. I got a strong mind once I attach something to a purpose, so PE really helped me quit smoking and I'm super thankful for it!


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                    Entry 4/// June 27/2020

                    I continued my previous routine for a week after my last post. Then I switched it up. I hear some say stick to a routine if it's working and gradually add more volume or intensity. Which could work but just from bodybuilding experience and where I had alot of success was from doing the exact opposite. I'd see those guys with their book documenting every lift week in and week out and doing the same exercises and same routine, trying to add a tiny bit to there bench press every week. For me I dont think that works, your body is such an adaptive machine. I got in some very crazy physical shape and I think it was largely in fact to never keeping things the same and I'm going to apply that to my PE journey. For the past two weeks since my last post I only solely pumped and jelq between sets. I am currently pumping for an hour a day over 3 sessions , 30-50 jelqs between pumps. I start with the bathmate during my after work shower, doing the pump milking technique, 4x5 mins. After dinner sometime its onto the air pump for 4x5mins and then again before bed 4x5mins. After each set k wear a cockring for 30mins keeping the expansion. With the air pumping I am using the pulse pump technique. 30 secs at 2hg, 30 at 4hg, 30 at 6hg and back down and repeat for 5 mins. I have another week of this routine and then I am going to change my workouts to something different again. But this 2 weeks has got me a solid 1/8 length..3 consecutive measures at 7 1/2" BPEL and 6 1/8 on mid EG, 6 1/4 base EG. Order a extender after this week I will be switching for 2-3 weeks to a 2 and 1 schedule being 2 days of stretch routine I'll make up followed by extender and then that 3rd day will be a straight girth exercise
                    Day and pumping

                    Front camera on phone busted , extremely hard to spin it around take a picture with the selfie side of the phone in one hand and dick and ruler in the other haha. Be getting a new phone soon, I wanna include pictures on most my posts , not for our community really because we all know this is very real. But to the skeptical ones like me when I stumbled on this and especially for the ones that say its physically impossible
                    Last edited by Dannyjuice; 06-27-2020, 05:53 PM.


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                      Recently started clamping and I'm loving it, hanging thick and full all day everyday. Recently upped my volume, was almost exclusively pumping before now I'm on a split schedule. 1 day 60plus mins pumping. 2nd day stretching manual with alot of bundled work followed by ADS for 2-3 hours. 3rd day hard clamping session, edging, clamped squeezes and jelqs. Up to 7 3/4 BPEL and 6 3/8 EG


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                        Volume , volume , consistency and more volume. Just passed the 4 month mark into my PE journey and very happy with my results thus far. The girlfriend has been loving it and I'm certain now shes what they call a size queen haha. We had a good sex life before but now she literally cant get enough. All sorts of confidence building nicknames, calls me big dickin all the time. Before not a single comment or pet names that were like "little guy" and stuff that was demoralizing. I've had at best one rest day a week during my four months. I did alot of pumping and jelqing and squeezing. Alot of smooth muscle work and I think all my gains came from that. I measure bpfsl and read the studies about tunica vs smooth muscle being your limiting factor. The theory would say tunica would be my limiting growth factor. I'm pumping every 3rd workout still and tagging that on with some clamping and the other two days of my three day cycle are really hitting the ligs which I havent really touched yet and also focusing on the tunica which I haven't really focused on till I started doing bundles a about 2 weeks ago or so. Hoping the lig and tunica work catapults me into some new gains! Taking a break from the measuring tape and going for a solid month on the new program and checking the gains after that. Oct 1 is measurement day


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                          Good stuff. I'm going to tack on more volume in my routine too. Something about that 6+ girth club.
                          1 inch at a time
                          GOAL: +1.5 BPEL, +1 MEG
                          Progress Log


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                            Going to actively log my 30 day cycle with no measurement till day 30

                            August 24/2020
                            Lig and tunica stretching
                            Warm up in the shower, 50 light jelqs
                            -Diagonal stretches (up/left,up/right,down/left,down,right) 5 sets per at 30 secs, 5 additional sets at 1 min

                            -100 side to sides
                            - A stretch 5 sets at 30 secs
                            - bundled stretch straight out 3 sets per hand and direction of twist, 1 min per set
                            - bundled A stretch 3 sets per hand and direction of twist , 30secs per set
                            -100 side to side
                            -tunica tugs 5 sets at 30 secs
                            - diagonal stretches same as previous
                            -100 light jelqs


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                              Aug 25/2020
                              -Directional stretch(up/left,up,right, etc)
                              5 sets each way 1 min set
                              - bundled stretch straight out, 3 sets clockwise, 3 sets counter clockwise, 1 min per set
                              -tunics tugs 5 sets at 30 secs
                              - 3 sets of 5 min in pump at 2 hg
                              - 10 min edge