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Pre-E Log - Desperate for Cure

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  • Pre-E Log - Desperate for Cure

    Hi All, i'm a long time lurker of this forum and I've had life-long Pre-E. Its time I hold myself accountable & start a log. This will be my journey. I WILL BEAT THIS.

    - Life-long pre-E, cum within 5 seconds of penetration
    - Used to be able to masturbate without cumming and could receive oral sex without cumming. Now thats down to a couple seconds. SECONDS.
    - Edging results in massive IKs after first few strokes
    - Extra motivation: found out GF cheated on me and the other guy fucked her for an hour without cumming

    - Flat feet leading to postural imbalances, tight pelvic floor (PC), slight APT
    - Severe IKs
    - Body tension & muscle tightness (upper cross syndrome from sitting too much)
    - Shallow breathing
    - Inability to control arousal

    Game plan

    - Focus on fixing the body first, then work on edging. No matter how much I edge, IKs will be there unless I get rid of muscle tightness
    1. Stretching daily (will keep this simple):
    • Adductor stretches
    • Pec stretch
    • Hindi squat 10 mins with deep belly breathing
    • Happy Baby
    • RK exercises (10 deep RKs X 3 sets per day) - PF always tense throughout day. Make note to relax
    • Another RK exercise to lift legs while lying down and allow PF to drop.
    2. Strengthening
    • Face pulls (for posture)
    • Core training/Abs/TVA
    • Deadlifts & glute bridges for posterior chain
    3. Stamina
    • No more porn
    • Edge with ballooning 3 times a week VERY slowly. Normal edging is too intense for now, so I'll try to get used to the sensation of plateau stimulation. I usually go from 0-100 in a few seconds, and any stimulation just makes me think "I want to cum so bad!!"
    • Learn to enjoy the plateau stimulation
    • Belly breathing while edging!!!
    • Cum only once a week at the end of 3 sessions

    Guys, please add on any suggestions to improve my game plan.


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    Good on you bro.

    Stay motivated and cheer up king!


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      Pec stretch?

      Have some reservations re ejaculation frequency .


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        This is a solid plan. I really like it. Way better than a lot of the quick fixes and other odd plans I see out there. What I will say is I don't think you'll see much progress stamina wise until you get your posture fixed. So don't get discouraged, because fixing your imbalances is first. Once those are fixed, you'll develop a solid mind-muscle connected and at that point is when edging/getting experience in the bedroom is worth it.

        You should upload a posture picture if you have not already. Give some progress pictures along your journey as well. I rarely ever see people doing this and I know it would make a world of difference.


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          Originally posted by Pegasus View Post
          Pec stretch?

          Have some reservations re ejaculation frequency .
          Yes I have very tight pec muscles from benchpress, sitting, uppercross syndrome etc. This causes a lot of my rounded shoulders, forward head posture & general tightness in my upper body. Not exactly related to tight PF, but related to overall muscle tightness & muscle tension I feel.

          How often do you think i should ejactulate? More frequent or less??


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            Hmm how id your r cuff?

            Sigh ejaculation freequency iss an individual thing . You need to ejaculate enough that it is not causing distress . I get the forming discipline thing and the sex as pleasure not just for ejaculation . These can all come together


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              Pegasus: Rotator cuff is fine, no real shoulder issues other than minor clicking. But theres definitely a lot of internal rotation from excessive sitting & benchpress. Nowadays I don't do chest at all & focus on facepulls etc. to strengthen the posterior upper chain.

              And yes, the goal was really to train my brain that I can masturbate without cumming as an end goal. Maybe i'll do it once every other day instead.

              Progress update:

              Had a very good edging session yesterday, edged while standing & focused on aligning my posture, letting my PF drop before ballooning.

              A big realization for me which might be a game changer: I noticed that when I stand, my center of gravity shifts forward, such that my hips & knees move forward toward my toes (similar to swayback but without the PPT).

              Doing so sort of places my pelvis into a sort of APT (or at least partially rotated forwards), even tho my hips are forward, which I believe puts pressure on my PF. By forcing myself to stand in alignment (hips over knees over heels), i notice my PF is much looser. In fact, even leaning against a wall and taking all tension off my body to support its weight, i felt much looser in my PF. Will continue to focus on good alignment & keeping the PF loose. Perhaps an issue is tight hamstrings at the upper part of the hamstring, literally right below my butt cheeks - any people knowledgeable in physiology able to comment?

              I'm able to last pretty OK with ballooning. However, once I start stroking normally, my PF doesnt just IK, it literally just tenses like I'm stopping poop from coming out, and tends to remain in this tense state throughout. Am i correct to assume that the PF is supposed to be loose *throughout* stroking?? Seems impossible to me at this point in my journey....


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                Yes you are correct in your assumption. I used to feel the exact same way as you. Like I was clenching my anus to prevent poop from coming out the whole time. This being said, I think you’ve found your answer to your PreE.

                figure out what is wrong by posting some posture pictures and also seeing a physio. Sounds like swayback to me