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Holding Reverse Kegels

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  • Holding Reverse Kegels

    I see people say things like they’ll hold reverse kegels or reverse kegel throughout the day. I don’t understand how this is possible. I can reverse kegel with held breathe or only inhaling. I can’t generate pressure downward without inhaling.
    This brings me to the same issue while having sex. I have to be perfectly still to allow a rk to stop or lessen an involuntary kegel. Obviously while moving this becomes impossible to maintain during the real thing. Any insight is appreciated.

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    I was thinking the same thing. This is what I have been doing. Reverse kegel is simply relaxed pelvic floor. You can do this without holding your breath by keeping your pelvic floor relaxed and correcting any involuntary kegels. I call this light reverse kegels.

    During sex, try to maintain a light reverse kegels. If you feel like the arousal is building too much, hold a moderate rk with deep breathing (the way you are doing now). Once the arousal comes back to norm, switch to light reverse kegels.


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      I think "pushing" out a RK all day long is waaay too much and hardly possible. I'm guessing these people mean that they just have a relaxed, neutral pelvic floor without tension. Which is the way it should be!
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        I agree that you shouldn't be trying to expand your PF all day, but should be working to keeping it relaxed. However, the fact that you can't expand your PF muscles without inhaling simply means that you're still working toward getting out of a tensed state. Keep working at relaxing, expanding, and stretching your PF and eventually you'll get there.


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          I do some exercises like planks, leg lift, glut bride, etc, and then few hundred (500) RK's before going to sex.
          This reduces the need to do too many forceful RK's during sex.

          Synchronize your rk's and thrusting with breathing.
          For example:
          On breathing in hold rk and thrust in
          On breathing out, thrust out and release rk.


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            If you train properly and get your imbalances fixed then you'll end up doing an RK all the time without even thinking it. Nowadays, it's impossible for me NOT to do an RK all day. It's how my body is.


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              Very interesting thoughts many all. Thanks for the responses!

              as far as just having a relaxed pf or light rk all the time naturally on its own - is it like a critical point is reach in posture and that happens? I’m sure I’m making progress in posture but not PE maybe I’m just not patient enough.


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                My opinion: No. Good posture *might* help some (I'm dubious) but it's not a magic bullet. You can use stretching to help relieve tension in the PF and surrounding muscles, though. In my experience - and many others, it seems - relaxing the PF muscles comes from relieving the tension and unlearning the habit of keeping them contracted. Practice over time will gradually lead to results.