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sperm volume and pre-e

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  • sperm volume and pre-e

    I wonder if sperm volume has negative effects on pre-e, i just noticed by myself that my sperm volume is rather high. If I abstant for +- a week its up to like 8-9ml (read somewhere that avarges are between 1-5ml). And I will finish in second. If I go twice a day the second time the volume is between 5-6ml and i feel somewhat more control still not fantastic but much better. Could there be a correlation between the two and is there a way to decrease volume?

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    If you go for awhile without ejaculation- and you have an active libido- you'll feel the urge for sexual activity after some time. The increased seminal load is incidental and due to the fact you haven't ejaculated in many days.

    Ejaculating prior to an encounter is a good way of ensuring you're able to last longer in subsequent sessions.

    Are you practicing any edging/Stop and Starts techniques- either with manual training or during sexual contact?
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